Yorkshire Tea, home to the UK’s number one brew, is adding to its range of out-of-home offerings with the launch of Yorkshire Tea Decaf in tagged and enveloped format. 

The 200s box will complement the existing Yorkshire Tea range for catering and hospitality, including the brand’s signature orange and finest Yorkshire Gold blend in tagged and enveloped format.  

Recent health research by Dunhumby found that two in five people have a cut-off point for drinking caffeine, with most stopping consumption of caffeinated drinks between 3pm-7pm. This points to a change in tea-drinking habits and growing demand from consumers for a decaffeinated brew. 

Yorkshire Tea’s offering is a specially-created decaf blend and Great Taste Award winner. It is also the UK’s number one decaf tea brand in grocery value sales, with almost 29% share of the decaf tea market, making it the most-enjoyed decaffeinated brew in-home. 

The launch of Yorkshire Tea Decaf envelopes for out-of-home venues coincides with the brand’s consumer campaign for a Proper Decaf, with marketing, sampling, and digital media support across a range of retailers. 

Carly Murphy, Yorkshire Tea Assistant Brand Manager said: “Sales of decaf tea are on the rise and we know that many more people are adding a decaffeinated brew to their day, for a variety of reasons. 

We often hear from tea drinkers that the biggest factor when considering decaf tea is taste, and whether it can match up to a caffeinated brew. We’re pleased that catering and hospitality venues are now able to provide a range of great-tasting, proper Yorkshire Tea brews to their customers, whether they drink caffeine or not.”

For more information about the Yorkshire Tea range, visit taylorsoutofhome.co.uk/tea