TennoAlpin introduce SNOWROOM, unleashing the possibilities of cold therapy for the mind and body to elevate your hotel’s wellness area.

Hot and cold temperatures combined can have a huge beneficial effect on health, as their delightful contrast increases the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul. 

The benefits of the warmth are intensified when followed by the cold. The positive stress to which the entire organism is exposed to and where the body has to react brings the body’s own protective mechanisms into full speed. 

The cold stimulates the blood circulation, boosts the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Cold is not only used to regenerate muscles or relieve pain, but also to optimise mental wellbeing. The short, positive stress relief, manages to reduce long-term stress and thus promotes healthy sleep and a more balanced lifestyle.

Cooling down with snow

Snow is the most exclusive, but also the gentlest form of cooling down. The benefits of cold therapy are accessible to all, without shock or dizziness. TechnoAlpin Indoor is constantly working on new resource-saving snow solutions as an interior highlight. The transformation of water into snow creates a grounding feeling, soothes and relaxes all of the senses.

“The advantage is that you don’t really get wet, it’s a gentle cooling option and suitable for everyone, including people who are sensitive to pain. Snow is the perfect addition to any setting, be it fitness, sauna, a private spa, or for instance as a furnishing highlight independent of the wellness area,” – Sara Brenninger, Product Manager at TechnoAlpin Indoor.

The SNOWROOM: a multisensory experience and a design highlight

The experience of the SNOWROOM appeals to all senses: temperatures below zero degrees, soft snow, a quiet winter landscape, the scent of the forest and the sounds of nature. The turnkey solution by TechnoAlpin Indoor not only enriches through its innovative way of cooling down the body, the design is also an eye-catcher. Various design options are available and can also be customised according to the customer’s wishes. 

SNOWSKY: The most beautiful invite to cool down body and mind

The flakes fall gently form the sky. Suddenly, out of nowhere, snow begins to fall in the middle of the room. The slow snowfall calms and relaxes all the senses. 

Creativity has no limits, when it comes to SNOWSKY. The compact dimensions allow for easy integration into new and existing interiors. Whether next to the sauna or the fitness area for a hygienic cool-down, or placed independently in the hotel lobby or the cocktail bar. The possibilities are endless. 

Snow stands alone as an element and is therefore independent of style. This makes integration in your hotel seamless.