As summer arrives it’s crucial that your hotel beverage offering brings flavour and refreshment, whether it’s spirits, fruit cider or something lighter Kopparberg have you covered. 

  • Kopparberg are known for their fruity flavours, can you tell us about the categories and the importance of providing a range of flavours?

Your core sales will always come from more mainstream flavours such as Strawberry & Lime or Mixed Fruit, however, it is important to ensure you provide an innovative portfolio to help maximise sales. Kopparberg launched Mixed Fruit Tropical as our first limited edition flavour which has since cemented itself as a firm favourite. In response to the emergence of peach as a rapidly trending flavour we have launched Summer Punch. This builds on Kopparberg’s expertise in premium fruit refreshment and we expect this to strongly perform this summer. 

  • With the low and no category rising, please can you tell us about your 0% range and the benefits it provides to guests?

Alcohol free is now a huge opportunity for operators and the category is now the fastest growing of cider. Kopparberg’s alcohol-free variants has evolved to include Strawberry & Lime, Mixed Fruit, Mixed Fruit Tropical and Pear.  As consumers become more health conscious, they are actively seeking out a range of low and no alcohol alternatives. The demand is strong all year round so developing an offer is vital in meeting consumer demands and driving footfall. When looking to moderate alcohol intake, the most important factor is the taste of the drink, with them wanting a taste as close to drinking a full-strength drink as possible, Kopparberg’s range of alcohol-free products does just that. 

  • With the summer season, guests are inclined to socialise for longer hours day to night, how does the Kopparberg range cater to this? 

During the summer months, people tend to spend more time outside, socialising and enjoying the weather. This means that hotels can expect to see an increase in footfall. Throughout the summer period we see spikes in the consumption of fruit cider where consumers are looking for reviving, flavourful and easy to drink options. When the sun shines fruit cider sales uplift more than any other category so by ensuring you are stocking the most loved fruit cider brand can help make the most of these warm periods and drive sales for hoteliers. 

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