OYA Organic Beauty, leading global luxury and sustainable lifestyle brand is delighted to announce new partnerships with the Tampa Edition Hotel in Florida, and Nemacolin in Pennsylvania.

The Tampa Edition is one of EDITION Hotels luxury, boutique hotels. EDITION Hotels offer unique, sophisticated stays in some of the most desirable locations to experience on earth.

VOYA treatments can now be found on the treatment menu at The Tampa Edition’s spa, a place that offers a mixture of rest, renewal, beauty, and individual health, for an incredibly glamorous spa experience. Similar to VOYA, this peaceful urban sanctuary spa is also inspired by the ocean and waterways that weave through Tampa Bay.

The Tampa EDITION is passionate about offering a variety of wellness experiences that mixes physical activity, wellbeing, and mindfulness with customised spa services. Combined with a focus on connectivity and sustainability, they are the perfect new partner for VOYA.

Guests can enjoy a variety of unique VOYA treatments, that use VOYA’s sustainable, hand-harvested seaweed and luxury treatment products, including facials, wraps, massages and more. Example treatments include VOYA’s Organic Self-Discovery Radiance Facial, Mindful Dreams Wellness Therapy, Bright Eyes Marine Eye Treatment and Signature Leaf Hand and Foot Rituals.

Selena Chavis, Assistant Spa Manager said:

“What we love about VOYA is that we can provide our guests with a luxury brand that is kind to the skin, filled with antioxidants and supports sustainability.”

A second exciting launch in the USA sees VOYA partner with Nemacolin, located in Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands.

Nemacolin has been offering magical moments and self-care experiences since 1987, boasting a wonderful heritage like VOYA. Their focus on wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation makes them a perfect partner for VOYA.

Guests at their Woodlands Spa can enjoy transformative, cutting-edge signature therapies as well as more traditional, holistic practices, or pure, complete luxury spa treatments. Nemacolin also features an incredible Holistic Healing Centre to offers guests an innovative, personalised approach to life balance and integrated wellness. This can include acupuncture, cryotherapy, yoga, and more.

Guests decide how they want to enjoy their self-care experience with Nemacolin’s unique offerings and special services.

VOYA treatments are available now at their Woodlands Spa, including the classic VOYA Seaweed Leaf Wrap, Hydrating Body Scrub and Poultice Bag Massage. Guests can also enjoy a traditional VOYA’s Lazy Days Seaweed Bath, a wonderful way to experience VOYA and the power of seaweed.


Katlyn Hatcher, Director of Spa and Wellness said:

“Many of our guests are looking for ways to reset or detoxify their systems due to experiencing pain, digestive issues, a lack of focus, or from fatigue, any of which can be the result of mineral imbalances in the body. VOYA’s organic body care line is made with hand-harvested seaweed which contains essential minerals, vitamins, and other bioactive compounds to remineralize the body and help hydrate and moisturize, while also working to detoxify and remove unwanted toxins. We are excited to bring these restorative treatments to our guests at the Woodlands Spa to help them look and feel their best!”