World-leading luxury Hotel Essentials provider, VANITY GROUP has teamed up with More Trees, THG Eco’s environmental initiative dedicated to global reforestation, this Earth Day. Taking their award-winning approach to sustainability, VANITY GROUP is putting tree planting at the fingertips of their hotel partners, inviting them to plant a tree at selected projects across the Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions of Tanzania.

More Trees work with tree planting projects around the world that focus on supporting biodiversity, nourishing the planet, and sequestering CO2. Their projects also work with the local communities to alleviate poverty and generate sustainable resources and income streams.

The project in Tanzania encompasses VANITY GROUP’s commitment to the planet, its inhabitants, and people, helping to restore the eco-system and wildlife that call it home, as well as supporting the people who rely on the land for resources and income. The Tanga and Kilimanjaro regions of Tanzania are rich and diverse ecosystems which have been greatly affected by climate change and traditional farming methods, with its communities experiencing extreme poverty. Through More Trees and their tree planting partners, the initiative aims to plant 4.5 million trees that will restore the eco-system and support the communities that rely on them. Each tree will sequester 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide in its lifetime, the equivalent of 180,000 hours of phone charging.

Paul Tsalikis, Founder and CEO of VANITY GROUP said of the partnership: “At VANITY GROUP, mindful beauty for a better world is at the forefront of everything we do. We want to make sustainable projects more accessible to our
hotel partners, giving them something tangible to share directly with their guests. More Trees are upholding the highest standard of implementation and traceability,
so we know that every tree we plant on behalf of our community is contributing positively to the environment. I look forward to seeing our forest grow!”

Mark Jones, Chief Sustainability Officer at THG added: “We are excited to be partnering with VANITY GROUP and supporting their mission to make a positive impact on the planet. With every tree planted through More Trees, VANITY GROUP are making a tangible impact on the planet. Not only are they contributing towards
reducing carbon from the atmosphere, but they’re also supporting local communities and livelihoods.”

This is one of the many sustainability initiatives at VANITY GROUP which include:
B Corp Community – VANITY GROUP HQ is certified B Corp, joining a community of businesses that are committed to a regenerative and ethical economy
Global Recycled Standard – The Global Recycled Standard provides verified traceability across the recycled materials we use in our products, ensuring environmentally friendly manufacturing and an ethical supply chain
EcoVadis – EcoVadis provides sustainability ratings and assessments for companies globally. Upon assessment of environment, labour and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement
OceanBound Material (OBM) – OBM rescues materials from at risk waterways that can then be used in packaging
Post Consumer Recycled Material – Using PCR materials in our packaging uses less energy, water, and fossil fuels than virgin plastic
The Vegan Society – All products are certified Vegan with no animal products in any of our products
PETA – VANITY GROUP is never tested on animals and is the only global amenity provider that is PETA approved

Planting trees for Earth Day is just the beginning of the partnership between VANITY GROUP and More Trees. A tree will also be planted on behalf of every team member globally, and for every new client onboarded as an ongoing pledge to sequester carbon and support our global eco-systems. VANITY GROUP’s tree planting progress will be tracked via a virtual forest on the More Trees platform with updates on the forest being shared quarterly across VANITY GROUP’s social channels and as part of a wider upcoming sustainability report.

With sustainability at the forefront of everything that VANITY GROUP does, this latest partnership with More Trees will contribute to VANITY GROUP’s commitment to the planet, its people, and inhabitants.