Leading luxury hotel essentials provider, VANITY GROUP is proud to introduce purposeful mind and body scent brand, Gabar to its portfolio. A London brand, rooted in Southeast Asia, made for the world, Gabar is poised to redefine the fragrance and hotel landscape with its commitment to consciousness, creativity, and self-expansion. 

Founded by two friends of Myanmar origin, Phway Su Aye, CEO & Creative Director and Susan Wai Hnin, COO & Global Director, Gabar draws its inspiration from the diverse tapestry of human experiences. The Liberty London stocked brand proudly stands by the notion that external change can start with internal change first, and exudes a fresh take on the power of scent to transform the state of mind. 

The inaugural Hotel Collection honours the brand’s philosophy of fluidity, self-freedom, and embracing every aspect of oneself through its two signature ranges: FLOAT and SWIM: 

  • FLOAT captures a state of being; the calm behind the senses; the pause before the crack of dawn; the space between each thought; to be mindful enough to rise. It has lapping floral notes with edges of Musk, Lemongrass, and Bergamot. 
  • SWIM is the body in fluid motion; the mind in focused flow; running rivers; running to the rhythm of your song; mindful mindlessness. Its scent is Verdant and lush Blackcurrant Bud and Wild Fig meet a mossy base of Cedarwood and Amber. 

Gabar CEO & Creative Director, Phway Su Aye said of the partnership: 

“Gabar means “world” in Burmese (the language of Myanmar). It reflects this idea of globalism and a coming together of different people and ideas. To launch a Hotel Collection alongside VANITY GROUP is beautiful expression of this. We’re looking forward to helping guests all around the world express themselves and make a positive impact on the world around them.” 

VANITY GROUP Chairman and Founder, Paul Tsalikis added: 

“Gabar represents the next generation in fragrance and personal care. It takes inspiration from its cultural heritage and roots, while pulling on new world ideas, making it the perfect fit to our progressive portfolio. We have a shared dedication to consciousness and creativity and are thrilled to bring Gabar’s vision to life in luxury hotels worldwide.” 

Living by their conscious choices, Gabar meticulously considers every aspect of packaging and bottle design to minimise environmental impact and prioritise the well-being of being of the Earth and its resources. The Gabar Hotel Collection proudly carries the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, ensuring that recycled materials are used responsibly from source to product. The line is also PETA certified and carries Vegan approved accreditation from The Vegan Society. 

Each bottle is adorned with Gabar’s distinctive logo, taking the letters of the Myanmar script of “Gabar”, meaning “world”, and vertically integrates them into a gentle floral design, reflecting the idea of self-expansion and blossoming, while leaning into the brand’s deeper heritage. 

The Gabar Hotel Collection is exclusively distributed by VANITY GROUP and is available in 30ml tubes, 30g triple milled soap, 300ml refillable bottles, and innovative 380ml floating non-refillable bottles.