The Burnt Chef Project, a not-for-profit social enterprise set up to support those dealing with mental health challenges in the hospitality industry, has launched a global employee assistance programme (EAP), experiencing unprecedented demand resulting in the creation of a crowdfunder – a first for the organisation.

A first-of-its-kind, the Global EAP provides free support and services to those in hospitality and their family members who don’t otherwise have cover, around the world. Launched in response to the urgent need for mental health support, the ground-breaking initiative offers a 24/7 multilingual advice and therapy service at no cost to the hospitality professional.

Providing a beacon of hope for individuals facing immense stress and mental health challenges, the round-the-clock service removes language and financial barriers to receiving support. The market-leading professional support service provides a range of emotional and mental health tools, including therapy options, a managerial advice line, debt and legal advice and even delivers detailed MI reporting, usage stats and a suite of creative assets for registered businesses.

The launch, made possible by The Burnt Chef Project funding an initial set of licences, saw overwhelming demand within the first few weeks of launching. This has resulted in the team behind The Burnt Chef Project making an unprecedented move to seek additional funding to keep the critical lifeline operational – announcing an international crowdfunding programme.

Calling for donations from businesses and individuals alike, the crowdfunding target of £100,000 will ensure the service continues to provide essential mental health support to those who need it most. Every donation, no matter the size, contributes to sustaining a lifeline for the hospitality community around the world. What’s more, The Burnt Chef Project is encouraging those within our vibrant profession to share the mission, spread the message and further the collective positive impact on the community.

On the launch of the Global EAP programme and subsequently, the crowdfunding campaign, Kris Hall, Founder and CEO of The Burnt Chef Project comments:

“Launching Global EAP was a milestone for The Burnt Chef Project – not least because it’s something never seen before at an international level. Within just a couple of weeks, the demand for the service had surpassed everything we’d predicted, demonstrating the crucial need for such a service globally. Working in conjunction with licenced professionals worldwide, we’ve been able to offer 24/7 support to those who need it most. To continue to provide the Global EAP service to those in need for free, we urgently need the generous support of those in the sector. We’ve launched a crowdfunder with a target of £100,000. At a cost of around £60 to provide unlimited therapy and wellbeing resources for one person, it’s clear to see the cost implications of continuing to run the service free of charge. That’s why we’re calling for support from those in hospitality across the world – a donation of any size will help us to maintain and expand this vital service into the future.”

Hospitality businesses across the world have already signed up to offer their teams dedicated access to The Burnt Chef Project’s Global EAP programme, in doing so, benefiting from market leading health and wellbeing support, with the added benefit and support of The Burnt Chef Project. All this at a highly competitive rate when compared to other non-specialist EAP providers.

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