In an exclusive interview with OTA Insight’s Chief Revenue Officer, Dave Collier, we learn about the powerful hotel industry platform that delivers tailored tools for a modern hotelier looking to boost their revenue.  

Please introduce OTA Insight and what the brand strives to achieve?

OTA Insight is dedicated to providing a powerful commercial platform for the hotel industry, with the goal of empowering hoteliers to make data-driven decisions that optimise their revenue and performance. We have a strong reputation for delivering innovative and user-friendly tools, which are tailored to meet the unique needs of hotel owners, operators, and managers.

Our suite of products includes Rate Insight+ (Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence), Parity Insight (Parity Management Software), and Revenue Insight (Business Intelligence), all designed to help hotel professionals navigate the complexities of today’s market.

We strive to forge lasting partnerships with our clients, offering personalised on boarding, training, and ongoing assistance to ensure they can fully leverage our tools and unlock their potential.

Our aim is to help hoteliers stay ahead of the competition by equipping them with the most advanced technology, enabling them to maximise profitability and ensure sustainable growth in an ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

Introducing new technology can be daunting, do the team at OTA Insight offer sufficient support?

Introducing new technology can feel intimidating, but our team of specialists are always here to help. We’re proud of our consistent customer satisfaction rates; in fact, we have a quarterly Net Promoter Score of over 75 and a customer satisfaction score above 98% – two key numbers which show just how much we prioritise support.

Our suite of products comprises Rate Insight+ (Rate Shopping), including the pricing of comparable Short Term Rental listings, Parity Insight (Parity Management Software), and an expanded suite of Business Intelligence products with the recent acquisition of Kriya RevGEN. All these products are designed to help hotel professionals navigate the complexities of today’s market. 

How can our readers work with OTA Insight?

The first step is to visit our website, where you can explore our range of products and solutions. I’d also encourage readers to check out our customer reviews on Hotel Tech Report, where we have taken first place for three consecutive years in the Rate Shopping & Market Intelligence Parity Management, Business Intelligence categories.

You can get in touch by filling out the contact form on our website, or by reaching out to us directly via email or phone. 

After understanding your goals, we’ll set up a personalised demo, giving you a hands-on experience of our tools and their capabilities. If you decide to move forward, we’ll guide you through the onboarding process, providing training and support for you and your team and guiding you every step of the way.