In the dynamic landscape of hospitality technology, Siemlus stands as a guiding force, dedicated to envisioning, designing, and executing future-ready technology delivery for today’s hospitality market. This exclusive piece shares details on the seamless experience just one of their clients had at Hotel Indigo Coventry.


As a frontrunner in unified hospitality technology support, Siemlus has not only earned a reputation for excellence but has also forged impactful partnerships with global leaders like Onity and Hoteza. These collaborations, coupled with Siemlus’ industry recognition as the unified support partner for prestigious hotel brands such as IHG and luxury independents like Castlebridge Group, underscore its pivotal role in reshaping the hospitality technology landscape.

Siemlus is on a mission to make the impossible feel Siemlus, setting the benchmark for innovation and integration. Their commitment to excellence is exemplified by their new launch of Hotel Indigo Coventry, where they played a crucial role as the Unified Support Partner. Siemlus sets itself apart by offering unparalleled support to Hotel Indigo Coventry, ensuring a seamless 24/7, 365-day service. The first line of support extends to all third-party integrations, providing the client with a single point of contact for all their technological needs. James Cattrell, Development Manager at Hotel Indigo, lauded Siemlus, and stated: “Siemlus, our Unified Support Partner, played a crucial role in our hotel launch. Their exceptional understanding of hospitality technology, proactive approach, and seamless coordination with external suppliers ensured a flawless integration. Siemlus went above and beyond, demonstrating unparalleled dedication and expertise. We highly recommend them for any hospitality venture.”

Siemlus offers more than just support; it offers a comprehensive solution that consolidates all hospitality technology services into a single, Siemlus SLA. One of the standout features of Siemlus is their ability to support all facets of technology and external suppliers. Their team exhibit a rare combination of technical prowess and an acute understanding of a hotels specific needs. Siemlus not only meet expectations but consistently exceeded them by going above and beyond in addressing challenges and ensuring that every technological component was seamlessly integrated.

Siemlus’ centralised help desk, agile processes, and best-of-breed supply chain underscore its commitment to efficiency and reliability. The companies focus on unified hospitality tech support, coupled with operational transparency, ensures a smooth transition to enhanced technology services for its clients. Siemlus, with its forward-thinking approach and dedication to client success, emerges as the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled hospitality tech support.