TRYBE software is proud to announce the launch of TRYBE Portal, the ultimate booking solution for businesses. TRYBE Portal is the one-stop-shop for customers to allow guests to book their spa packages, treatments, and activities, at a time and place that’s best for them.

Guests can book all their amenities through one secure link. TRYBE’s new solution can help businesses boost their revenue by suggesting treatments, experiences, or retail products to guests at the time of booking. Guests can also automate their food and beverage orders through an integration with Resdiary.

With everything automated and in one place, it saves teams time, allowing them to focus more on interacting with guests in person instead of taking bookings over the phone, collecting data manually, or processing payments. With an easy-to-use system, businesses can streamline their operations and offer guests a more personalised experience, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.

TRYBE Co-Founder, Ricky Daniels, commented “TRYBE is built by the industry, for the industry and we know that guest experience is the highest priority. TRYBE Portal is an exciting new feature, that will enhance the experience for both businesses and their guests. We’re proud to offer this new easy-to-use system that streamlines operations, and provides a more personalised experience for guests.”