Brits spent approximately £1.37 billion on Valentine’s Day gifting in 2022, a 15% increase from 2021*. It is always one of the busiest calendar dates for the spa and hotel businesses, which is why Trybe, the next generation of spa and leisure software, has launched a new update on its software system – making couples Valentine’s Day bookings a breeze.

Trybe’s new ‘Couples packages’ software update, means operators can sell one package per couple, but have the flexibility of allowing each guest the chance to create their own perfect spa session; making for a smooth-running operation at a busy time of year.

On announcement of the update, co-founder of Trybe, Ricky Daniels says: “The key to a good Valentine’s Day package is adaptation, as no two couples are the same. Our software update allows for hyper personalisation, to avoid couples having to make joint decisions and therefore ensure they’re both feeling the love.”

On the new release, the team at Trybe have given some tips on how to build the perfect couples package:


  • With couples treatment bookings up on Valentine’s Day, building in a function for couples to book a dual treatment room means guests will be more likely to book in for a treatment, as it means one of them isn’t waiting around on their own. Taking the stress out of allocating therapists, building this option within the package will mean that when the package is booked, it will book the couple in with two practitioners.


  • Providing variety with treatments will also tempt couples to book in. When building a package, it gives each guest the option to choose a treatment bespoke to them, rather than both having to have the same treatment. Particularly for men, including something that is designed for them, this will make them feel better about the treatment as it has been catered to their needs.


  • Include the option to upsell. Some couples might want a welcome drink on arrival, and most packages will include only the option of a bottle of fizz. Including the option of different drinks for each guest, means guests can feel catered for, and will also be more likely to reorder once they’ve got the taste for it!