My favourite treatments ever! The Gelida cryo facials are seriously fabulous.”
– Judy Murray

Trump Turnberry in Ayrshire has become the ’go to’ luxury destination for beauty and wellness with the announcement that the resort is offering the exclusive Gelida Cryotherapy treatments – a favourite among celebrities such as Judy Murray, Jo Wood and Pixie Lott.

The Spa at Turnberry is proud to be the only venue in Scotland where guests can experience the same cutting-edge cold therapy skin rejuvenating procedures that have captivated celebrities, with impressive results.

This announcement places Trump Turnberry at the forefront of the wellness industry in Scotland, introducing the revolutionary Gelida Sculptura Cryotherapy treatments, known for their ability to sculpt the body, enhance skin rejuvenation and offer a non-invasive solution for optimal wellness and beauty results.

The treatments employ advanced technology to deliver targeted cold therapy to specific areas of the body, promoting a process known as ‘apoptosis’. This leads to the natural elimination of fat cells, offering benefits such as slimming, reshaping, skin firming, and even the reduction of double chins. With no adverse side effects reported, these treatments align perfectly with the spa’s ethos of providing safe, effective, and luxurious wellness experiences.

This new treatment offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Slimming and Reshaping: The Gelida Sculptura Cryotherapy treatment offers a contouring solution that assists in slimming and reshaping the body, presenting an appealing alternative to surgical procedures.
  • Skin Firming: Acknowledged for its skin-tightening capabilities, the treatment leaves the skin looking firm and rejuvenated.
  • Combatting Cellular Anomalies: A pronounced reduction in cellulite, wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea and acne is visible, enhancing the client’s overall skin condition.
  • Double Chin Reduction: This procedure offers an aesthetic solution for reducing the appearance of double chins, thus refining facial contours.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Complementing the technological aspects of Cryotherapy, The Spa at Turnberry combines this with gentle manual massage techniques to facilitate the movement of lymph fluids and the drainage of lymph nodes.

Gelida Cryotherapy is set to revolutionise the wellness industry in Scotland. With its cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence, Gelida promises a transformational experience for every guest who walks through their doors.

Judy Murray OBE, Scottish tennis coach and mother of professional tennis players Jamie and Sir Andy Murray enthused about the treatments, saying “My favourite treatments ever! The Gelida cryo facials are seriously fabulous.”

Speaking about the launch of the new treatments at The Spa at Turnberry, Michelle Kerr, Spa Manager said:

“I’m absolutely thrilled that we’re bringing the revolutionary Gelida Cryotherapy treatments to Scotland, exclusively at Trump Turnberry. This innovative approach to wellness and beauty not only aligns with our high standards of excellence and luxury but also places us at the forefront of the industry as the only location in Scotland offering such advanced care.”

“Our guests and day visitors to the spa now have the unique opportunity to experience the remarkable benefits of these cutting-edge treatments, ensuring that each visit to the Spa transcends their expectations for relaxation and rejuvenation.”

Charles Mills, CEO of Gelida said:

“As we unveil Gelida Sculptura Cryotherapy at The Spa at Turnberry, it marks a defining moment for wellness innovation in Scotland.  Our collaboration with Trump Turnberry is founded on a shared vision of excellence, pioneering a new frontier in non-invasive beauty treatments that promise not just rejuvenation but a transformational experience for every guest.”

Trump Turnberry invites guests to experience the elevated relaxation and body sculpting benefits of Gelida treatments, signalling a new era for beauty and wellness in Scotland.

The cost of the Gelida Sculptura Cryotherapy treatments start from £125.

A Day Spa Experience at The Spa at Turnberry starts from £95 and includes full use of the facilities and Afternoon Tea.

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