Creating a new brand for Truro townhouse hotel, Hotel VARA with Clockwork Marketing.

Merchant House, was a townhouse hotel in Truro that was tired and dated. In 2021, it was purchased by Hazel and Tim Brocklebank, with extensive history and success running hotels. Hazel Brocklebank, co-owner of Hotel VARA explained: “We bought Merchant House in Truro as we believed we could create a new boutique style hotel, that was also affordable.”

We partnered with Clockwork Marketing to create a new brand and hotel concept.  “We knew we wanted to change the name as part of a complete rebrand – also inspired by the Scandinavian interior design we had in mind.”

“As a townhouse hotel, we knew that different types of visitor passed through, blending business and leisure. The new name and brand should ensure it appealed and related to this transient visitor, plus at the same time be community-focused.”

“Working with Clockwork Marketing, the rebranding project started with a brand discovery process, looking at possible names, their meaning and associations. We then identified the strongest names, going deeper into the design and story – exploring what could these brand names become in the future? Clockwork created moodboards for each name idea, as well as an overarching brand concept.

“Clockwork thought about the transitory nature of a townhouse hotel and how people experience travel in the moment. To be in the moment is to live in the present. If we take time to be mindful, we experience locations on a deeper, more memorable level. The name, Hotel VARA, takes its name from “Be in the moment”. VARA is the Swedish translation of Be. 

“Once the name was selected, Clockwork moved onto logo design which was symbiotic with the new decor and furnishings of the hotel. Initial concepts were developed into logo designs, patterns and colours that were Scandi-influenced and in-line with our desired aesthetic outcomes.

“Clockwork created a brand book providing guidance on the brand identity including logos, fonts, colours and a brand mark. This ensured consistency in design and marketing to grow and develop Hotel VARA into a distinct and memorable brand.

“Clockwork also re-built our old WordPress website in its own content management system, creating a stylish, modern design to match its new identity and furnishings. Working with Clockwork Marketing’s brand and marketing consultants was a crucial part of our re-branding process.

“The whole team understood our vision, challenged us, suggested creative ideas, and ultimately delivered a fantastic new brand identity and website that successfully reflects our new concept, all within the required timeframe and on budget.”