Hotel Buyer provides the most comprehensive range of non-food products to the hospitality sector in the UK, Europe and Africa. As we begin to embrace the ‘new normal’ the brand reveal how to keep up with sustainable trends at your overnight venue.

On March 16th 2020, when the Prime Minister addressed the nation to make the announcement that the hospitality industry was dreading, those supplying the sector were equally devastated.  The traditional buying pattern that saw hoteliers buy bedding and towelling in the first few months of the calendar year, outdoor furniture in the spring, toiletries and other consumables throughout the summer and dining and other seasonal supplies on the run up to Christmas, was to be disrupted for the next two years and beyond. 

Now, as we embrace the ‘new normal’ along with new challenges, there are some positives to emerge from the adversity.

The drive towards the more sustainable refillable toiletries stalled as the pandemic hit.  For a brief period it was considered safer to keep supplying single use toiletries. The good news for the planet is that not only has momentum been restored to the switch to refillable products, but more product for the UK market is being sourced in Europe as manufacturers and importers respond to increase shipping and production costs from the Far East.

Hospitality suppliers like Hotel Buyer have been forced to find more efficient distribution and admin processes.  Like many UK businesses, adopting the measures necessary to have employees working from home has led onto businesses not being as affected by industrial action and adverse weather as they have in the past.

The uncertainty and lack of capacity with foreign travel, coupled with a huge amount of pent up demand for a break, has fuelled a staycation market boom.  Hotel Buyer has seen a four-fold increase in enquiries from owners of holiday lets and guest houses looking to provide more hotel like in-room facilities, like hairdryers, kettles, safes and minibars.  Many of these enquiries from those entering the accommodation sector for the first time.

With supply chains disrupted by the pandemic and then compounded by Brexit related issues, UK based hotel suppliers have been forced to seek out alternative products and suppliers to work with. The result of this action is that pro-active suppliers like Hotel Buyer now have a broader selection of products on offer, many sourced from countries much closer to home than in the past, bringing down the lead-times for new product.  

Supply chain disruption and price inflation remain challenges for hotel suppliers and by extension the hospitality businesses that they supply. The message to hospitality businesses in that context. Your supplier is most likely doing everything in their power to obtain the products you have had historically, that task may sometimes just not be possible. There is no need to compromise on quality, but be flexible and try alternatives. Who knows you may find something new to improve your guest experience.