I’m Henry, and I lead a double life. By day, I’m immersed in the world of marketing and social media at BT. By night (or any time of day for that matter!) I get to plan one of the most heart-warming moments in people’s lives – proposals. As I celebrate my rapidly approaching 100th proposal with The Proposers – Proposal & Romantic Event Planning, I’ve taken a moment to reflect on this remarkable journey.

A Humble Beginning

It all started on a cold November day in 2021 when I joined The Proposers for what was supposed to be a four-week placement, just to lend a hand in the lead up to the hectic Christmas season. Little did I know that this ‘temporary’ gig would evolve into a thrilling two-year adventure. The magic of creating unforgettable moments for couples captured my heart, and I decided to stay on the freelancer list while continuing my full-time role at BT.

Setting the Stage for Love

One of the most exciting aspects of this journey has been setting up proposals for a few well-known clients, including an unforgettable fake proposal setup for DJ and music producer Tom Zanetti, which was then featured in one of his music videos. I couldn’t have fathomed being in the same room as Tom Zanetti, let alone showering him with rose petals!

My work with the proposers has taken me to new heights (quite literally) with our primary base of operations within London’s Shangri-La The Shard, London. But  I’ve had the pleasure of orchestrating love stories at other iconic locations such as the Sky Garden, London Eye and the famous Tower Bridge. I’ve even dabbled in some TV show filming locations this year too; the beautiful Greenwich Park, Barry Island in Wales (well known as the setting for Gavin & Stacey), the Swiss ski resort Villars-sur-Ollon, and the picturesque Burgh Island in Devon, which has been featured in various tv documentaries, dramas, and films.

Lights, Camera, Love

In May 2023, our journey took an unexpected and exhilarating turn as we began filming for a long-awaited, three-part Channel 4 TV series. Never did I ever think I’d be part of such an adventure when I joined The Proposers as a part-time, temporary team member in 2021. The adrenaline rush and excitement of being part of this project are beyond words, and I can’t wait for the world to see it when it airs early 2024. Here’s to hoping for a second series!

The Unforgettable Yes

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Has anyone ever said no?” I’m thrilled to say that in all the proposals I’ve set up, I’ve never received that dreaded response. I like to think of it as a personal compliment – I’ve played a small role in making these special moments unforgettable, and it is incredibly rewarding.

Logistical Marvels

The proposal-planning world isn’t all romance and candlelight. I’ve had my fair share of logistical challenges, including setting up as many as three proposals in one night. Anat (my colleague/living legend at The Proposers) and I even tackled the Herculean task of orchestrating all three proposals at the Shangri-La, one in a private event space, one dining in the sky experience, and one bedroom proposal setup, all on my very first day! It was a whirlwind start to say the least, but it’s a testament to our team’s dedication and precision that everything usually goes off without a hitch.

A Decade of Love

I was fortunate enough to be a part of The Proposers during a significant milestone – the celebration of our 10th anniversary back in February 2022. Being part of a team who’ve planned over 5,000 (and counting) proposals to date, with a decade of love-filled moments under its belt is truly something special.

Sharing the Love

As much as I love creating proposals, I’m equally passionate about sharing these heart-warming moments through social media. You can often find me joining in on their TikTok trends or sharing the magic on their Instagram. It’s a way to spread the love and inspire others to create unforgettable moments for their loved ones.

Working with The Proposers has not only led to lifelong friendships but also allowed me to explore places I might never have discovered otherwise. So as I celebrate my 100th proposal with The Proposers, I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. It’s been an honour to play a role in so many love stories, and I can’t wait to see what the next 100 proposals will bring.

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With love and endless gratitude,

Henry – a very busy guy who loves love <3