Make your hotel one to remember with Franke Coffee Systems.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to drinking coffee, though one trend is clear: the majority enjoy a cup (or more) throughout the day. In fact, Allegra Project Café UK 2023 found that 70% of people drink hot coffee daily!

What better way to make your hotel a customer favourite than to offer delicious drinks powered by Franke Coffee Systems? Our coffee machines boast a range of features to suit your brand and customer needs, with each machine guaranteeing Swiss-engineered quality backed by UK support.

Designed for any hotel environment

Whether you own a boutique hotel or are part of a multinational franchise, Franke Coffee Systems has a machine fit for purpose. By meeting customers’ coffee demands quickly and efficiently, you can enhance their hotel stay – and even inspire them to return.

A line

Our A line is modular, meaning you can pick and choose additional functions according to customers’ demands.

If your hotel has a busy restaurant area, we recommend a higher-capacity coffee machine such as the A1000 (up to 300 cups per day). You may also opt for a larger milk cooling unit and perhaps even a syrup station.

In areas with a lower footfall or smaller hotels with less space, you might select the A300, a compact coffee machine serving up to 80 cups daily.

Mytico line

Some hotels pride themselves on offering customers an authentic barista experience but struggle with consistency.

If this is the case for your hotel, why not consider Franke’s Mytico line? These semi-automatic machines blend traditional Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge Swiss technology and authentic barista talent to prepare multiple coffees quickly and efficiently.

A prime example is the Mytico Vario, which can prepare four cappuccinos at any one time and hold up to two different milk types (without any risk of cross-contamination).

Drink options for all hotel customers

As the name suggests, Franke Coffee Systems specialises in top-quality coffee drinks. Our machines offer an extensive menu for coffee-loving hotel stayers, from creamy lattes to rich cappuccinos.

But how about those who don’t want a 10pm caffeine boost following a long day of holiday exploration or business meetings? Franke’s A line machines can also dispense decaf coffee and hot chocolate – perfect for slow sipping and deep relaxation into the evening at your hotel.

The touchscreen menu featured on all Franke coffee machines is fully customisable and powered by Digital Services (IoT). Creating and managing the menu centrally allows you to simplify the customer journey by placing new and popular drink options in the spotlight.

Accessible machines day and night

There are few things worse than desperately craving a coffee, only to find the hotel bar is closed with no alternative. Franke Coffee Systems has a solution to keep early risers and night owls alike happy.

Our A line coffee machines are self-serve, letting hotel stayers enjoy a hot drink whenever it suits their schedule. Many Franke customers install them in communal areas with 24/7 access, such as hotel lobbies and corridors.

On the other hand, Franke’s Mytico line is ideal for hotel bars and restaurants. These semi-automatic coffee machines help staff serve customers quickly during opening hours without ever compromising on quality.

Delicious taste and greater efficiency

Every cup served from a Franke coffee machine promises exceptional taste with each indulgent sip. However, we understand hotels look beyond taste when choosing a coffee machine.

Both A line and Mytico line machines are fine-tuned to improve overall efficiency, with the ratios accurately programmed to reduce ingredient wastage. Our machines also incorporate technologies such as EasyClean and CleanMaster™ to keep your machine pristine with minimal staff involvement, even during peak periods.

A global brand with local support

Franke Coffee Systems prides itself on Swiss craftsmanship and UK expert support.

Our Mytico line won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 Gold in recognition of its unique design and state-of-the-art technology. One such technology is iQFlow™, an intelligent coffee extraction method yielding more consistent flavour from each roasted bean.

The robust hardware and software mean you can rely on Franke coffee machines for the long run. Should the unexpected happen and your coffee machine stops working, our UK network of 100 engineers and 24-hour support turnaround will get it up and running again in no time.