MKN is revolutionising the professional kitchen with the new FlexiChef multi-functional appliance including SpaceClean, the first and only fully automatic cleaning system for professional cooking pans.

The new FlexiChef redefines versatility, performance and speed, from cooking to frying to deep-frying, making almost anything possible with enhanced speed and efficiency.   

The groundbreaking and unique SpaceClean fully automatic cleaning technology makes it possible to clean the pan fully automatically in just two minutes, with minimal water consumption of just 26 litres and without any chemicals.

Eliminate large quantities of cleaning water and put an end to time-consuming, manual cleaning of pans with fully automatic and effortless cleaning – now with no set-up process at all, because the cleaning head is integrated directly into the lid. 

The new FlexiChef is not only fast – up to 10% faster than its predecessor – it also offers smart cooking thanks to the MagicPilot operating system with Guided Cooking, so even inexperienced users can effortlessly achieve the desired results.

Another highlight is the SmartBoiling function, which can reduce energy consumption by up to 99% compared with conventional water boiling, to support carbon reduction and save costs.

The new FlexiChef includes the easy Up & Down lift system, which allows baskets to be lowered into and raised out of the pan effortlessly and safely. It is also WiFi-enabled and can be linked to the MKN Connected Kitchen system, with interfaces for integration into other kitchen control systems.

MKN is known for its innovation and quality in professional cooking technology. The German company, based in Wolfenbüttel, is represented in over 100 countries worldwide with around 600 employees.

Key features in the new MKN FlexiChef:

  • The new SpaceClean fully automatic cleaning technology 
  • Up to 10% faster than the previous model
  • Easy Up & Down lift function
  • WiFi-enabled