With its own dedicated entrance on Newman Street, YOPO Bar introduces a newly curated menu by Executive Chef George Scott-Toft.

The Mandrake (www.themandrake.com) in Fitzrovia has launched its new destination concept at YOPO Bar, offering flavours of South America with a selection of Mezcal, Tacos, Tostadas and more; whether it is a delightful taster or a lavish late-night indulgence, YOPO’s Mezcal and Taco Bar stands as the quintessential experience of the season.

Visitors embracing a laid-back dining experience will be able to enjoy the new menu from the Newman Street location. Guests can expect to see the space’s vibrant design reflected in the warm and bold flavours of its Mezcal and decadent Taco and Tostada dishes, available from 12:00pm until 11:00pm, Wednesday – Saturday. YOPO Bar will also be open for breakfast across these days.

The new menu includes a Mezcal Tasting, priced at £45.00 per person, which offers a selection of premium Mezcals to taste, including; Ojo de Dios, Ojo de Dios Cafè̀, Ojo de Dios Hibiscus and Mezcales de Leyenda San Luis Potosí with Agave Salmiana. 

At the new YOPO Bar, you can explore a selection of over 20 bottles of Mezcal and Agave. Enthusiasts can savour their favourite elixirs, while novices can start their Mezcal journey in the safe hands of YOPO Bar’s masterful mixologists.

A number of carefully curated Mezcal-based cocktails also grace the new menu, including the Oaxaca, Hibiscus, Pasilla and Espadin, each priced at £20.00 and expertly mixed to offer a selection of fiery, spicy and warming sensations, ideal for the cold winter months.

The food menu offers guests a selection of Tacos and Tostadas, each sold per piece as well as a choice of Lindisfarne or Ostra Regal Oysters (served with Champagne Granita & Lime). Tostada bases include Crab, Sweet Potato, Adobo Lamb and Tuna, while Pork Belly and Grilled Octopus dominate the Taco dishes, priced individually from £7.00 to £10.00.

Mirroring YOPO Restaurant’s adventurous culinary offering, visitor to YOPO Bar can expect a multi-sensory experience. The space has a sensual and bohemian feel, it’s glowing pink walls housing a rotating art collection, so that no one trip to YOPO Bar is ever quite the same. YOPO Bar has even recently played host to October’s Resident Artist Nadia Waheed, in celebration of Frieze in London.

An eclectic mix of comfortable furniture and exotic artworks, globally sourced by hotel owner and art collector Rami Fustok, elevates the experience to create a true destination experience.

YOPO Bar is a haven for those with a taste for South American flavours, striking design and exquisite cuisine. Whether it’s a quick midday indulgence or a luxurious late-night affair, YOPO’s Mezcal and Taco Bar stands out as the must-visit concept of the season.