Brass Monkey, the pioneer of premium Ice Baths and Plunges, has adapted its patented technology and launched a high-powered chiller – the new Pro-Barrel – which is aimed for gyms, spas, hotels and wellness centres.

 A testament to true British craftsmanship, each Pro-Barrel is created by upcycling matured whisky and sherry casks, showcasing Brass Monkey’s commitment to sustainability. Each barrel is transformed by hand in the Speyside Valley, in Scotland, using timeless crafts and skills, including Coopering. This involves each cask being meticulously sanded, cleaned, sealed and reinforced to ensure it is water-tight before it can be turned into a cold-water immersion masterpiece.

Brass Monkey also collaborates with local businesses and craftspeople specialising in wood and metalwork to create some of the essential components that go into making the cold chillers. This includes restoring old lids to repurpose into the barrel step and seat and using local stainless steel for the step support.

The Pro-Barrel is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and due to its compact nature, works well in smaller spaces, which means versatility for more chillers in one area. It can be set to hold temperatures between 3-15°c, which can be controlled by the Brass Monkey companion app, and due to its dual filtration has been re-engineered to allow for 100 users per day, catering to the growing demand for cold-water immersion in the wellness industry.

Dale Bosomworth, Innovation Director, commented: “We are always looking at innovative ways to allow more people the opportunity to get their cold on, as we see and hear about the benefits every day. By providing more products, which are fit for purpose for the wellness industry, allows us to reach more people and help them with their own cold immersion journeys.

“Giving each new cask is a new chapter in its history. Our Pro-Barrels, with their meticulous and unique design, aesthetically pleasing look, compact nature, plus ease to fit, aims to offer the wellness industry the opportunity to expand into a new area and offer individuals the chance to experience the benefits of cold-water therapy.

Founded in July 2021, the master of Ice Baths and Plunges, Brass Monkey offers the ultimate cold water immersion experience. The company is committed to craftsmanship, innovation and customisation and continues to set the standard in bringing art and technology together.

The Pro-Barrels are available for pre-order now, with the first 10 being ready to shop in March 2024. Prices start from £12,000. For further information, visit  or to arrange a consultation, please contact