Coffee, often mistaken for a bean, is actually a seed derived from the fruit of the coffee plant. In this article, renowned coffee brand Due Fratelli, unravel the captivating story of how coffee beans are cultivated, processed, and eventually transformed into the flavourful beverage that has become an integral part of a hotel stay.

From Seed to Bean: The Coffee Transformation

As you sip your cup of coffee, have you ever wondered how the green coffee bean, before roasting, transforms into the delightful brew that tantalises your taste buds?

The secret lies in the roasting process, which alters the sugars and aromatic compounds present in the coffee bean, creating the rich flavours and enticing aromas we associate with this beloved beverage.

The Harvest: Unveiling the Coffee Cherry

The coffee plant produces fruit known as cherries, which encloses two seeds, commonly referred to as coffee beans. When the cherries ripen, they exhibit vibrant red or yellow hues, depending on the variety. It is at this point that coffee farmers handpick the cherries.

Processing: Natural vs. Washed

Once harvested, the coffee cherries must undergo processing to extract the coffee beans. Two primary methods are employed: the natural process and the washed process.

Natural Process: The cherries are spread out to dry naturally under the sun. This traditional method allows the sugars from the fruit to penetrate the beans, infusing them with distinct fruity flavours. As the cherries dry, they gradually become raisin-like, and the outer skin is later removed to unveil the precious coffee beans.

Washed Process: Involves removing the outer skin of the cherries immediately after harvesting. The cherries are then soaked in water, allowing fermentation to occur. This fermentation breaks down the remaining fruit, after which the beans are separated and dried. The washed process results in a cleaner, brighter flavour profile, highlighting the bean’s inherent characteristics.

Due Fratelli: Two Brothers and Their Love for Coffee

Italian culture has long embraced the art of coffee, and it was during a trip to Italy that the founders of Due Fratelli found inspiration for their name. Translating to “two brothers,” Due Fratelli pays homage to the familial bond and the deep-rooted history of coffee in Italy. Like many coffee enthusiasts, the founders developed a passion for espresso, appreciating its rich taste and invigorating qualities.

From the coffee plant’s cherries to the careful processing methods employed by coffee farmers, and the roasting techniques that bring out the flavours we adore, there is an entire world of craftsmanship and dedication behind every cup of coffee. Take your guests on this journey to savour the complexities that stem from a small seed, allowing them to experience the magic of coffee in all its aromatic glory.