At HotelBuddy, they’re fuelled by innovation and valuable feedback from their hotel partners. The team continually invest in research and development to ensure their technology remains at the forefront of the hospitality industry. For instance, their newly introduced QR kiosk solution allows multiple guests to check in simultaneously on their mobile using just a quick QR code scan at the reception area.

HotelBuddy’s solutions aren’t just smart; they’re also sustainable. The team are committed to reducing paper waste and energy consumption, making the hotel industry more eco-friendly.

In this exclusive Q&A with CEO and Co-Founder, Kadi Saadlo, we delve into all you need to know… 

Please introduce HotelBuddy and the idea behind the brand.

HotelBuddy is a hotelier’s trusted companion on the journey to digitalise the guest experience, increase front desk operational efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction rates.

Driven by the demand for contactless solutions during the pandemic, and backed by years of expertise in hotel management and IT support, HotelBuddy’s mission is to empower hotels through an all-in-one, cutting-edge self-service platform that adds an additional another layer of guest service to further personalize the hotel guest stay.

Hotelbuddy is a powerful toolkit that not only significantly reduces the reception desk’s manual labour like retyping guest profile data, charging credit cards or booking restaurant tables but also drives incremental revenue by always prompting available room upsells and suggesting personalized extra services according to guest profile. We automate all the non-value adding tasks to give you more time for meaningful engagement with your guests.

With HotelBuddy’s web-based application, guests can seamlessly manage their entire hotel experience directly from their mobile phones. This puts the guest in control of their stay and as we see from our adoption rates- nearly 70% of the guests prefer online check-in to a traditional desk check-in.

Before the arrival day, guests will get a link to access the hotel’s self-service area to submit all required information and explore the range of services the hotel offers. They’ll receive a digital room key directly to their mobile device, can communicate with the front desk through the chat function, order services, and cast their favorite Netflix series or Spotify music playlists straight from their phones to the hotel TV without any additional pairing or logins, and without downloading any apps. Upon departure, guests can check out within a few clicks and receive their invoice, along with a feedback survey and a thank you letter from the hotel.

What kind of benefits can HotelBuddy offer to hoteliers and consumers alike?

Our technology serves as a powerful operational ally for hoteliers. It optimizes day-to-day hotel operations, reducing the need for manual tasks and freeing up staff to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences. Additionally, HotelBuddy empowers hoteliers with data-driven insights, enabling smarter decision-making and more effective marketing strategies. By offering opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, we help hotels maximize their revenue potential.Hotelbuddy significantly reduces the amount of printouts and minimizes paper and plastic consumption by guests, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

For consumers, HotelBuddy is synonymous with convenience and time saving. Guests can seamlessly manage their entire hotel stay directly from their mobile phones. No more standing in line upon arrival and departure, no more lost or demagnetised plastic key cards, no more scrolling through the list of TV channels to find something to watch. Communicating with the reception desk and getting prompt answers in real time to request services, ask questions, or seek recommendations becomes quick and accessible from any time and place.

What is your USP (Unique Selling Point)?

There are two main aspects that make Hotelbuddy solution unique and stand out from the competition.

Firstly, the no-download convenience: Our platform is entirely web-based, eliminating the need for guests to download yet another app. Data proves that app downloads are a barrier to adoption, and we’ve removed that hurdle.

Secondly, our mobile keys work using a cutting-edge IOT system. HotelBuddy has developed its own unique IOT modules that are inserted into the existing door locks to enable guests to open doors from their mobile phone. Guests do not need to download any additional apps and the hotels do not have to replace their existing lock hardware (which is super pricy and a major hassle). Thanks to our IOT modules we can also open hotel entrance doors, corridor doors, parking gates etc.

What is a Buddy Token, and how does it work?

A Buddy Token is a virtual share of Hotelbuddy that we gift to people as a Thank You token for spreading the word and helping us grow. There are several ways of obtaining Buddy tokens completely free: You can refer a hotel that is not using us yet, tag us on social media, or leave a review on Tripadvisor or HotelTechReport.

We have allocated 3,000 Buddy Tokens which today carry value about €10.00 each, increasing in value each year as the company grows. We commit to repurchasing all tokens in the event of an exit or specific milestone, so a free token obtained today can hold a great value in a few years.

Another driving force behind the Buddy Token program is to cultivate a tech-savvy travel community that prioritizes innovation and convenience. This community seeks out new experiences and bases their travel and hotel choices on cutting-edge technology. We’ve observed a growing trend, especially among younger individuals, who are native to mobile technology. They prefer digital interactions over traditional face-to-face or phone-based customer service. Our program speaks directly to these tech-savvy travelers, aiming to meet their expectations for convenience and modern solutions.

What kind of support is offered to clients who work with you?

Providing exceptional customer support is a cornerstone of HotelBuddy’s commitment to our clients. Each hotel has a dedicated Account Manager as their first point of reference to address any questions, concerns and feedback. We have a dedicated team ready to assist our partner hotels at every stage of their partnership with us. This includes comprehensive support during the initial implementation phase, especially training and resources to hotel staff. Our development team is responsible for ongoing maintenance and updates to keep our platform running smoothly and troubleshoot and resolve any challenges promptly.

How can HotelBuddy contribute to a greater marketing strategy for hotels?

HotelBuddy plays a pivotal role in enhancing a hotel’s marketing strategy by enabling personalized guest experiences. Our data analytics capabilities help hotels understand guest preferences and behavior, allowing for targeted promotions and upselling opportunities. Moreover, a seamless and contactless guest journey becomes a powerful marketing tool itself, attracting young and tech-savvy travellers  (#buddycommunity) who prioritize convenience and mobile-accessible services.

How can hotels work with you?

Partnering with HotelBuddy is easy! Schedule an introductory demo on our website,, to discuss your needs and explore how we can collaborate. With our monthly subscription model, there are no hefty initial investments or the need to replace your existing systems. Packages range from €4.99 to €12.99 per room per month, and we also offer white-label solutions for hotel groups and chains.