In 2022, our palace-hotel at 10, La Croisette will be launching its “A desire to…” array of unique packages to satisfy our guests’ yearning for shopping, romance, fine dining and family holidays. One theme that will be of particular interest to those keen to give their health a boost is our “A desire to get back in shape” package, which combines sport, effort and personal coaching with lots of pleasurable experiences and plenty of creature comforts!

We never listen to our desires enough, especially when they are telling us to take care of ourselves and to make tracks for the famous Croisette and one of France’s finest palace-hotels, the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic. This 5-star property in Cannes is putting a strong focus on relaxation and detoxing with one of the special offers in its brand-new “A desire to…” collection. Simply called “A desire to get back in shape”, this package for couples available from €1,611 is as unique as it is comprehensive.

The first ace up its sleeve is its personal coaching, with guests monitored throughout their stay by an experienced professional coach, providing a perfect opportunity to explore new training techniques  and to take advantage of sound fitness advice that you can follow for the rest of the year. These recommendations are all the more beneficial given the variety of enjoyable activities included in the Majestic’s personalised programme, such as a fitness routine in the hotel’s hi-tech cardio-training studio, a “swimming” session in the hotel’s heated swimming pool, and two circuits along the Croisette, Cannes’ famous seafront boulevard: one a refreshing jogging workout, the other an equally invigorating Nordic hiking session, but which will still allow time to admire the stunning landscapes of the Bay of Cannes and the Lérins islands.

However, as most sports enthusiasts are aware, it’s not all about action – you also need to factor in periods of recovery, something that the health specialists at the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic have not neglected. Taking this on board, they have created three stages of relaxation. First up, an energy breakfast designed by a nutritionist and served in your room or in the famous Le Fouquet’s Cannes brasserie.

Secondly, a private yoga session which provides the perfect opportunity to work on your postures, breathing, concentration and flexibility. And thirdly, an individual sports treatment featuring a one-hour session of stretching techniques to remove any aches and pains in each muscle group and to learn how to manage your body to best effect.

After all this effort, lots of creature comforts are a fitting reward, something in which this palace-hotel excels – it goes without saying that the Cannes Barrière Resort’s flagship property is a master in pampering its guests! As part of its “A desire to get back in shape” package, the hotel has included a whole host of delightfully indulgent pleasures: accommodation for two in a Prestige Sea View room; free and unlimited use of the sauna, hammam and fitness centre in the Diane Barrière Spa, the hotel’s temple of wellbeing; a “healthy” VIP welcome that includes as basket of fresh fruit and fruit juices; and “house” gifts for every guest (sports bag, water bottle and bath sheet).

Not forgetting the memorable gourmet experience of a romantic dinner at Le Fouquet’s Cannes, where you can discover the menu designed by no other than Pierre Gagnaire, one of the leading names in French gastronomy. When it comes to health, a positive attitude is a great boost and the exquisite flavours created by one of the world’s top chefs will certainly help in this regard!