The beginning of your sustainability journey.

Hotels across the globe are introducing a plethora of green initiatives in order to keep up with the demand of the ever-growing eco-conscious consumer audience. Whether it’s solar panels, locally sourced fruit and vegetables or smart showers, sustainable decisions are rapidly becoming very popular within the hospitality industry as a whole, but for many it can be daunting to know where to start.

Becoming a sustainable business isn’t something that can happen overnight, like most things. So, it’s vital that you don’t jump in to such a pivotal process like this without doing your research. UK Hospitality is the single, authoritative voice of hospitality, representing everything from pubs, restaurants, hotels, contract catering and more and they are currently working closely with the Zero Carbon Forum to compile a plan to move the hospitality sector towards carbon net zero. By becoming a member of UK Hospitality you can receive regular updates and advice on ways to promote and protect the hotel industry and the steps you can take. You can register at

Next, you need to establish which area you would like to tackle first. A simple place to start is by introducing recycling to every aspect of your venue (if you don’t already.) Moving on from this, working with sustainable brands for elements such as bedroom amenities is a great way to make an impact. From body lotion and shower gel, to bamboo toothbrushes and combs, these are simple yet effective ways to make a difference to not only a hotel’s carbon footprint but their reputation too. 

When searching for amenities to introduce to your rooms, be sure to research the brand. Consider their story and mission and ensure they have a green accreditation. Unfortunately, there are many brands out there who class themselves as green but are actually greenwashing, meaning disinformation is disseminated by the organisation to present an environmentally responsible public image. After a good look at a brand’s website, certifications should be clearly displayed.

Finally, decide on the message you want to give off to your visitors when beginning your sustainability journey. Work in line with the ethos of your own business and make sure your staying in line with your brand values. Each decision should always lead back to your core beliefs as an overnight stay venue. Don’t be afraid of what may seem a fearful task, it’s in your best interests and there are many people available to offer advice.