British weather does not always invite us to spend much time outside, but if your hotel has the space, you should be making the most of this to increase footfall from guests who’d like to sit outdoors.

When considering your outdoor furniture, here are some key points from leading hotel supply specialist, Hotel Buyer, to take into account:


You’ll have to consider the same things as you would on the interior, such as style, appearance, comfort and shape. In addition to this, however, the outdoor setting brings additional consideration points such as ground stability, temperamental weather and the aesthetics of your space; all things that could make or break the first impression with your guests.

Storage is also a huge factor. If you don’t have the space to store outdoor furniture when not in use, you’ll need to make your choices based on products that are durable enough to leave out.
For a beer garden-style setting, it might be more suitable to simply invest in some wooden picnic benches. These are more casual, and they are easier to maintain due to being sturdy and weather-resistant. 


Rain is always a problem, but with the right cover in place, your guests can still drink, dine and socialise outside. Permanently sheltered areas may be the best option, but this may not always be possible depending on the space you have available or the brand you’re creating for your hotel. 

Where permanent shelters aren’t an option, large and sturdy parasols can be ideal. These are easy to set up and take down, and they also provide shade on sunny days.


Patio heaters are becoming increasingly vital for outside areas. Firstly, smokers will appreciate having a warm area outside throughout the year, and diners will also be more comfortable on cooler evenings.
Heaters are expensive, and they use a lot of power, so think carefully about whether you really need them and how many you need. It’s important to take into account how much electricity a heater uses, and also look for products with adjustable heat direction. 


Having a quality outdoor space can bring in a whole new range of customers to your establishment, from making the most out of your overnight stay residents to bringing in locals. Although you may need to invest to create an appealing outdoor, the benefits are clear in the long-term.
Choosing quality items is key. High-quality furniture will last a long time, and with the day-to-day use plus British weather, durable products will save you money over time.