In an exclusive interview with Michael MacLeod, Head of New Business Development at SWARCO Smart Charging, we explore the range of electric charging solutions they offer for hotels and the benefits they present for revenue, sustainability and overall guest experience. 

Please introduce the brand and what it strives to achieve.

At SWARCO Smart Charging we’re passionate about electric vehicles and understand the importance of reliable, easy to use chargers and systems. We provide simplicity – simple answers to sometimes complex questions and charging solutions that are easy to install and use. We are a partner who does what they say, and we are in it for the long run.

How can the installation of your charge points benefit the overall guest experience? 

EV’s are quickly becoming a mainstay across the UK with charging infrastructure expected at most locations. EV Drivers will change their habits to ensure that they have suitable vehicle charging opportunities whether that is a full charge on route during a long journey or topping up amongst regular smaller trips with known dwell time (business, family and leisure stops). As a result, the provision of charging opportunities at overnight stays is very quickly becoming a way for hotels and hospitality to stay ahead of the curve and provide this additional service to their guests. By ensuring you have the right equipment and at the right power output, your guest will have a happy charging experience to leave your venue feeling refreshed and recharged. 

What gives SWARCO charging points a competitive edge?

Our newly launched SWARCO Drive unit is perfect for the hospitality sector including everything that the market has come to expect from premium units, without the premium price. This includes PEN Fault protection, removing the need for an earth spike at the charger installation as well as cluster-based load management, allowing us to make as much use of the available power on-site without the need for costly upgrades to existing power supplies. 

What benefits do your charging points present to the overall hotel business? 

Charger availability is becoming a requirement of the frequent traveller as more and more fleets of private vehicles make the electric transition. The deployment of charging infrastructure allows your business to add an additional service for your guests in addition to being able to promote sustainable travel. 

As well as increased footfall, further financial benefits can be leveraged by your business, should you choose to pass cost of charging onto the customer. By utilising our back office charge point management solution, you can rest easy on the basis that the user can charge and be billed with minimal administrative interactions from you. 

How can our readers work with you?

Our dedicated team are on hand to help you understand the best EV charging solutions for your business.