250 Main is a new built boutique hotel located in Rockland, Maine, owned by Migis Hotel Group, a hotel management company founded in 1968.

With 26 design rooms, the hotel offers stunning views of Penobscot Bay, within walking distance of Rockland Harbor and a vibrant art district, enriched by several local galleries and museums such as the Farnsworth Art Museum and CMCA (Centre for Maine Contemporary Art).

250 Main is therefore an artistically inspired hotel, offering luxurious accommodation and stylishly furnished spaces. Designed by architect Scott Teas of Scattergood Design (Portland, Maine), it presents its guests with a majestic hall, which houses the works of some local contemporary artists. The design of the rooms is elegant and modern: large windows, well-organized and comfortable common areas and a spectacular rooftop, from which it is possible to enjoy the view of the port of Rockland.

All without neglecting sustainability, thanks to the highly efficient outer casing and LED lighting.

The rooms and suites, customised by the interior architect James J. Wall of Thirlwall Building Design, are tastefully decorated and made unique by some carefully selected original artwork. Many of the finishes were conceived and produced by the nearby Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding shipyard, world-famous for its creations that blend design, technology and craftsmanship.

A very special context, enhanced by the furnishings signed by the most famous Made in Italy design brands. Precisely with this in mind, the Diametro35 series was selected, perfectly in line with the design choices and the taste of the environments.

Not simple taps, but design objects capable of emphasizing the refinement of the context with originality. Pleasant use, unmistakable style and character are the hallmarks of a series that has become an icon, capable of effectively responding to the needs of contemporary hospitality and adding personality to the spaces dedicated to well-being, attracting the attention of guests.

The Diametro35 series is part of the water-saving Ritmonio products, characterized by an ECO flow rate of less than 9 l / min and is designed to encourage a responsible use of environmental resources.