Our awards are designed to highlight the exceptional efforts made by establishments and individuals who contribute to creating unforgettable guest experiences. Across these pages, we will outline the diverse categories for the 2025 awards, showcasing the range of talents and services that make the hotel industry truly exceptional. Join us as we delve into each category, celebrating the dedication and creativity that define the very best in the business.

The Environment Award

Shining a light on the ever-growing demand for sustainability – we welcome applicants from overnight stay venues that demonstrate innovation and leadership in sustainability. This can include implementing cutting-edge technologies, adopting new sustainable practices, supporting environmental conservation projects, and inspiring others in the hospitality industry to prioritise sustainability.

Marketing Innovation Award

With marketing strategies acting as driving forces for footfall at your venue, we truly understand their importance. We are looking for hotels that have implemented original and creative marketing campaigns or strategies, which have actively provided results such as; increased bookings, revenue growth, enhanced brand visibility; or improved customer engagement.

Best Spa and Wellness Venue

With consumers prioritising wellbeing now more than ever before, this category is looking for overnight stay venues that have an outstanding spa or wellness facility. We will be examining the ambience and overall atmosphere of the area and offering, including cleanliness, decor, lighting and general vibe, whilst also assessing innovative approaches, unique treatments, or special features that set the spa apart from others enhancing the guest experience.

Food & Beverage Award

Food and beverage – single-handedly one of the most important elements in elevating the guest experience at a hotel. Our expert panel will look at the sheer importance of an exceptional food and beverage offering, and how hotels have gone above and beyond to not only appeal to overnight guests, but exterior ones too. Recognition will be given for the diversity and creativity of the menu offerings, including the use of local ingredients, unique culinary concepts and innovative dishes and serves.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Award

From employment to management and opportunities, we are looking for hotel groups or individual hotels that demonstrate a commitment to diversity by employing staff from various backgrounds, including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical abilities. The hotel must have clear policies and practices in place to ensure inclusivity and equality among its staff, guests and vendors, and should demonstrate transparency in its efforts, regularly reporting on progress, challenges and initiatives, to hold itself accountable and drive continuous improvement.

Unsung Hero

We want to recognise those who go above and beyond without even realising. Nominees for this category must be put forward by another individual. The nominee should be recognised and respected by their colleagues for their contributions and exemplary behaviour, earning the admiration and gratitude of those they work alongside. We are looking for those who demonstrate a collaborative spirit, actively supporting and uplifting their colleagues, while contributing to a harmonious work environment, as well as someone who showcases creativity and innovation in their approach to problem-solving and guest service, finding new ways to exceed expectations and enhance the guest experience.

Best Hotel Group

This award is open to those applying on behalf of their holding company. The category will look at how the hotel group is run, honing in specifically on functionality and success. This success can be based around expansion and the hotel group’s innovation and creativity in terms of guest experiences, technology integration, and unique offerings.

Hotel of the Year

With the hotel space being an extremely competitive one, this category is fierce. Applicants for this award should be a singular venue; either boutique, part of a group or an individual hotel. We will be looking at the business success in general, taking into account the hotel’s reputation within the industry, as well as any recent new introductions, refurbishments or accolades.

Hotelier of the Year

Shining a light on the hotelier themselves; hoteliers entering this award should show strong leadership and effective management of staff and resources, while consistently demonstrating a commitment to providing exceptional service and creating memorable experiences for guests. Judges will look specifically at innovative strategies or creative initiatives that have been implemented and successfully enhanced the hotel’s reputation and profitability.