With 75 years of experience, the Lovibond Tintometer offers the best system for testing all types of water, and in this exclusive editorial, we learn how there is more to Lovibond than simply supplying first-class equipment.

Renowned for their testing equipment that offers unsurpassed accuracy, ease of use and value for money, Lovibond has become a staple for overnight venues. However, with Lovibond there is more to it than just supplying the equipment, they also offer technical advice, customer support and free training both online and face to face if needed.

Water testing within your facility is becoming more important than ever, whether this is testing leisure facilities or making sure you are complying with L8 requirements. It is essential that the water is tested regularly to make sure it is safe and comfortable and that there is sufficient treatment to ensure you are complying with relevant standards. Most importantly, you need to make sure the water is sanitised and free from harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

Swimming pools should be tested for disinfectant and pH levels at least three times a day. Pools should be run in accordance with the PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) Code of Practice, and you should have a robust testing and treatment regime.

Hot tubs are covered by the HSE Guidance HSG282, which aims to reduce the risk of legionella and other waterborne infections. This makes the testing and treatment of hot tubs stricter than swimming pools and the dangers of ignoring the requirements more dangerous. This guideline states the levels of chlorine or bromine, the pH and how frequently the water should be tested. It also guides you should things go wrong.

PWTAG and HSG282 state that testing kits should be professional and that test strips should not be used! This is where Lovibond can help you. We have several test kits suitable for pool and hot tub water testing. These kits can either be digital or visual, depending on your requirements.

If you are offering leisure facilities in your hotel, good water quality is essential. One poor review can lead to loss of confidence, loss of reputation and loss of future bookings, and one serious incident could be devastating.

We can also supply kits to help you comply with the requirements of ACoP (Approved Code of Practice) L8, these contain everything for weekly and monthly monitoring. Additionally, if you feel you have a problem, we supply rapid legionella test kits for instant testing and peace of mind.

Our aim is to offer you the best:

  • Equipment and reagents at competitive pricing.
  • Advice and training to ensure you are following relevant guidelines.
  • Customer and after-sales service for continued peace of mind.

For full details see us at the Independent Hotel Show in October or contact us at support@lovibond.uk