As no guest experience is complete without an exquisite drinks offering, allow us to introduce NIO Cocktails; the perfect accompaniment for a memorable hotel stay.


NIO offer ready-to-drink cocktails in individual uniquely-designed sleeves. Can you tell us where the idea came from?

NIO Cocktails was founded in 2017 by two Italians, Luca and Ale. They had a singular aim, to allow everyone to enjoy world-class cocktails outside of a bar. Whilst of course this means offering an incredible menu of high-quality cocktails, Luca and Ale also wanted to ensure that the theatre of the cocktail experience itself is ever-present. Our unique, iconic packaging drives intrigue, curiosity, surprise and delight in equal measure, and our ‘shake-tear-pour’ serve introduces this ‘theatre’ prior to enjoying the perfect drink.

We’ve seen that NIO are often placed in hotel rooms, what kind of feedback have hotels had from guests so for?

We’re delighted with the reception we’ve received, both from hoteliers and guests alike. Historically cocktails haven’t really been part of in-room bars, an important F&B revenue driver in hotels. With NIO, not only can hoteliers introduce this key component to their drinks menu, they can do so without having to ‘hide’ the cocktail in the fridge. Our cocktails have a 2-year shelf life at ambient temperatures (without the use of preservatives) and coupled with our unique and attention-grabbing packaging, we’re placed front and centre in the rooms, catalysing the aforementioned intrigue, curiosity, surprise and delight. 

Due to their ease, NIO cocktails are an asset to hotels. What kind of benefits can an overnight stay venue gain from the offering?

Put simply, NIO Cocktails allows hotels to offer a 24/7 cocktail menu to their guests, whether that’s in the room bar, room service, etc. Not only is our offering not constrained by the people challenges currently being faced in hospitality, but we also provide an incredible solution to it. 

The design of each cocktail offers a very premium feel, can you tell us about how the quality of the liquid matches the overall aesthetic of the brand?

Quality of the liquid is one part of the equation, and we only use premium spirits from the most important distillers in the world. But liquid alone won’t guarantee a fabulous cocktail, you also need an incredible mixologist, and we have one of the best in the World. Patrick Pistolesi is our Master Mixologist, and the owner of Drink Kong, voted the 19th Best Bar in the world by the 50 Best Bar List 2021. Patrick’s signature craftsmanship and flair go into every cocktail, which in turn enables us to create our premium collection.

With choice being extremely important to consumers, can you tell us about the range itself and how it can cater to a range of guest’s pallets?

Choice is very important, not just for the first cocktail, but also the option to choose something different for the 2nd or 3rd cocktail. We have over 20 cocktails on our menu, including classics, signature drinks from Patrick and alcohol-free options…and our cocktails span all spirits and flavours, truly something for everyone. Additionally, our serves are 100Ml, as you would expect, allowing this further element of choice from one drink to the next.