We explore how to elevate your Afternoon tea experience using specialist water pairings with Helen Haider, Marketing Director at LUQEL.

What is the best water to pair with tea and why?

There are two main ingredients to tea, one, of course, is the tea leaves themselves, and the other is water which makes up around 98% of the drink. Choosing the right water is paramount in producing the perfect cup of tea that your guests will rave about.

The best water for tea would be soft water, which is one that has fewer minerals. Calcium and Magnesium, which we find in higher quantities in hard water areas, can cause the tea to taste bitter. Chlorine and other impurities in the water can also impact the taste of the tea, so choose water that is filtered. Always heat fresh water. Water that has been previously boiled will have lost some of its oxygen content. Oxygen is important in helping tea leaves to release their flavours and aromas.


Often, Afternoon Tea offerings include a variety of teas, would you recommend using different waters for each?

With the LUQEL Water dispenser, we have a different water for each tea and a specific brewing temperature.

WHITE DELIGHT: an ultra-low mineralised water delivered at 75 o C perfectly enhancing your white teas.

GREEN POWER: higher levels of chloride, which helps release the subtle notes of green teas, brewed at 65 o C.

TEA TIME: a perfect water for black teas, delivered at 95 o C and with added sulphate which helps add a smoothness to the tea.

There are also specialist waters for Oolong and Fruit and Herb teas.


How can LUQEL elevate a hotel’s Afternoon Tea experience?

To appreciate the true taste of LUQEL tea waters, try them for yourself. Bring your team down to one of our showrooms along with your best-selling tea. In our demonstration you’ll enjoy a taste test where we pitch our water versus tap water or just filtered water. The LUQEL water dispenser not only delivers a better-tasting tea, but also one that is way ahead, in terms of clarity and appearance. The tea is often lighter but with a more rounded taste allowing the subtler flavours to be imparted in the tea, and not hidden under bitter notes.

We’ll work with your teams to educate them on why the water helps the tea to sing, and they can share their knowledge with your own customers, delivering a meaningful tea experience and the perfect cup of tea.


How can our readers work with you?

We’re more than happy to organise a tea demonstration with the readers of Hotel Magazine. Get in touch at www.luqel-water.com and fill in a demonstration request to visit one of our showrooms in London, Leicester, Manchester or Milton Keynes, or contact our sales team directly at sales.uk@luqel-water.com