The world’s first seaweed-based skincare brand, inspired by the Irish tradition of seaweed bathing, VOYAharness the goodness of this incredible natural ingredient in both their spa and retail skincare products. Ireland’sonly indigenous wellness therapy, seaweed bathing stems from a three-hundred-year-old tradition.



VOYA invites customers to take the seaweed bathing experience home with VOYA Lazy Days, the originalVOYA wellness product. Relax in a bath of Fucus Serratus (Seaweed) hand-harvested from the Atlantic Oceanoff the west coast of Ireland. Skin will be left feeling soft and smooth. Utilising only the natural power of seaweedto deeply moisturise the skin, a seaweed bath is the simplest and purest of all organic treatments (organic statusapproved by the IOFGA**).

In January 2024 VOYA launch their Lazy Days Organic Cotton Bag, a concept inspired by creating a moreenvironmentally friendly way of containing the seaweed bath (previously there had been a plastic net). Thisreusable bag allows people to massage the goodness into their skin while bathing and can be used as a skinsoothing compress.


With a focus on sustainability, the seaweed in VOYA products is hand-harvested off the west coast of Ireland.Hand harvesting means there is limited impact on the delicate sea-beds and only a portion of the seaweed isremoved at one time, allowing it to grow back within 12-28 months. In addition, it also allows VOYA to bemore selective about the quality of the seaweed they select.


Naturally high in vitamins and minerals, seaweed is like a boost of goodness for the skin. VOYA use 4 differenttypes of seaweed as active ingredients, all known for their different benefits.