Part of the Milsom Hotels & Restaurants Group, Talbooth Restaurant is steeped in a rich history of change having initially started out as a Toll House, before opening as a simple tearoom and was discovered in 1952 by Paul Milsom’s father Gerald.  In 1961 Gerald changed the then called Le Talbooth to a fully-fledged restaurant.

Talbooth Restaurant celebrated its Platinum Anniversary with a name change in 2022 and over 70 years on, continues to be a popular fine dining restaurant. Talbooth Restaurant was awarded 3 AA Rosettes in 2019.  With a picturesque location alongside the river Stour, it is a popular location for celebrations, weddings and events in the marquee and the private dining restaurant Weavers.

Offering an unrivalled dining experience, the Talbooth Restaurant offers a combination of stunning food, created through a skilful mixture of the classic and the exciting, along with  outstanding service. This level of quality is one that Andrew Hirst, Executive Head Chef of Milsom Hotels & Restaurants, was keen to extend right-through to the Talbooth’s growing outdoor area:

“We do a lot of business and events in the marquee, which drew a need for us to build a permanent outdoor kitchen. When it came to creating this area, we decided to centre it entirely around the Synergy Outdoor Cook Station – a stunning grill which has become the main showpiece for our al fresco offering!

Custom-made to suit the needs of every customer, the Synergy Outdoor Cook Station is the ultimate option for operators that are looking to seamlessly execute an outdoor food offering. Ergonomically designed for ease of use, the Outdoor Cook Station is the perfect height for cooking, and has ample space for food preparation, utensils, dry goods and condiments with its adjoining work surface and option of an Adande refrigerator. The unit can also store two 13kg of gas bottles, which according to Hirst, is plenty for powering this award-winning grill:

“The energy consumption of the Synergy Grill itself is so impressive! So far we’ve ran 7 key events, and the gas bottle is only half used! It’s almost like it’s just sipping the gas . It’s reduced our gas usage by nearly 50%.

Despite its incredibly low gas consumption, you do not lose any cooking power or heat. The heat is also evenly spread across the entire surface of the grill, so you don’t get hotspots under the burner.”

Known for supplying high-heat, low consumption solutions with patented technology, the Synergy Outdoor Cook Station is “kinder”  and will not “cinder” the food the way other grills and barbeques can; yet they still gently smoke the food giving an incredible flavour, as Hirst goes on to enthuse:

“When you add a piece of meat to the Synergy Grill, the fat atomises, providing continual self-basting during the cooking process for truly succulent results. We also cook fish and veggies on the Synergy Outdoor Cook Station, without concerns surrounding cross-contamination, again, thanks to Synergy’s patented atomisation process.”

The benefits of Synergy’s atomisation process don’t stop there though, given that there is also no fat tray to clean:

“The Synergy Grill is probably the easiest grill I’ve ever had to clean! It’s literally a case of leaving the grill to cool, scraping it off, and vacuuming the remaining carbon dust.”

As the chefs at The Talbooth Restaurant now know, the sleek and showstopping Synergy Outdoor Cooking solution prioritises the chef as much as it does the operator or customer tucking into a dish:

“Synergy Grill has definitely hit the sweet spot for us, and we will most certainly be turning to Synergy for further grills in the future.

Unless you have used a Synergy Grill, it’s very hard to explain the experience. It’s just a beautiful piece of machinery! The grill has been an eye-opener for all of us at The Talbooth. I can safely say it’s the best grill on the market.”

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