British cooking equipment manufacturer Synergy Grill Technology is delighted to announce that they will be freezing prices going into 2024. 

Unlike many manufacturers that have implemented significant price increases for the year ahead, Synergy Grill Technology is absorbing market increases through efficiency upgrades in order to best support operators through the current economic climate, as Chairman of Synergy Grill Technology, Justin Cadbury, elaborates:

“At Synergy Grill Technology, we continuously look at how we can best support operators, both from a culinary and financial perspective. As many operators already know, the savings that food operators gain with Synergy typically deliver an extraordinary rapid payback of less than one year! Then with better food, cleaner kitchens and lower extraction maintenance, it’s a winner. Dealers want the best for their customers when running costs are so tough.

“Clearly there will be a limit to how long we can absorb inflationary pressures, but as one satisfied customer pointed out “the more you delay the more you pay”so it is wise to lock in this offer now.

Synergy prices will be held across their full range of gas and electric options including Trilogy grills, Outdoor Cook stations and brand-new Griddles. 

For operators that are looking to avoid the initial upfront cost of a grill altogether, Synergy also offers the Synergy Contract.

Customers that are accepted onto the Synergy Contract will receive a brand-new Synergy grill, pay nothing for installation, nothing for the removal of their old grill and will not even be required to pay a deposit. The operator would just pay for their grill monthly. What’s more, these monthly payments will equate to less than the cost savings that customers will immediately gain in reduced gas or electric usage, by upgrading from a standard chargrill.

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