Five reasons your in-room biscuit range is important to guests as told by Border Biscuits.

Memorable moments that matter

Offering Border Biscuits in-room will help you elevate your guests’ experience and leave a lasting memory. The majority of guests (91%) say that complimentary items in their room make their stay much more memorable. Guests are looking for an enhanced experience when sleeping away from home, so it is important to go above and beyond when it comes to providing in-room refreshments. Border’s research shows that biscuits are the number one preferred hotel room snack guests are looking for and 62% of hotel guests would like to specifically see Border Biscuits.

An afternoon treat

Afternoon is the most popular time of day for eating biscuits. To cater to this, Border offers a range of chocolate coated biscuit bars in three flavours: Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar, Dark Chocolate Orange Bar, and Milk Chocolate Ginger Bar – there’s something for everyone. If you have an on-site café or lounge, you can upsell customers purchasing a hot drink with individually wrapped Border Biscuits available in a range of flavours.

Added value is key

Leaving complimentary snacks is viewed as a value-added service and can make guests feel cared for. Recent Border research shows that 96% of people said they expect tea, coffee, and biscuits to be part of a complimentary package during their stay. Therefore, there is a need to carefully consider your in-room offering to meet this expectation and add value to a stay. Offering Border Biscuits is one way that you can differentiate from competitors and build overall positive perceptions with guests. With Border’s premium offering and range of flavours, you can easily enhance your guests’ experience.

Convenient snacking

Hotel guests can appreciate the convenience of having snacks readily available in their room. In-room snacks, such as individually wrapped Border Biscuits, allow guests to choose when it best suits them to enjoy a quick bite to eat or something to drink – whether that’s in their room or on the go. Border Biscuits features in 90 million occasions per year, and 40 million of those take place in OOH. Border Biscuits is a well-known brand that operators can trust to delight their guests.

A ‘home away from home’ experience

It’s more important than ever for you to provide a warm welcome and pamper your guests. Stocking a trusted and well-known brand such as Border Biscuits can give guests that feeling of being at a home away from home. As more than half, 57%, of hotel goers would also enjoy complimentary refreshments upon arrival during the check-in process, stocking Border Biscuits is an easy way to create a warm welcome and help your hotel stand out.