Luxury hotel toiletries shouldn’t be costing the earth. Discover Bath House, a niche British brand that’s really making a difference.

Bath House is an independent British brand that has been making natural, artisan toiletries for over 25 years. All their products are made from scratch using only the highest quality, eco-certified ingredients. Customers who regularly visit Bath House stores can attest to the quality of the formulations used in their products. And now, with the launch of their Bath House Hospitality Collection, your guests can enjoy these luxurious toiletries during their stay.

The Bath House Hospitality Collection includes two of their best-selling scents. Bamboo and Jasmine is fresh and invigorating, and Patchouli and Black Pepper, which has a more sophisticated and sensual fragrance. 

One of the key benefits of Bath House’s hospitality range is that it is vegan-friendly. Your guests who follow a vegan lifestyle can enjoy luxurious toiletries that meet their ethical standards. 

Another important benefit of the range is that they are packaged in recyclable aluminium and glass bottles accompanied by stylish white wall brackets. This means guests can enjoy the products without worrying about their environmental impact. As your hotel refills the 2.5 and 5lt containers, you’ll significantly minimize your impact on the environment.

For personal use, hotels can provide guests with 60 ml glass bottles that can be taken home after their stay. Unlike traditional miniatures, these bottles are larger and offer more product for guests to take a part of their hotel stay home.

By sourcing from a British business, hotels can reduce their carbon footprint and choose products that are made closer to home. The fact that these products are made in Cumbria, a beautiful part of the country, only adds to their appeal.

The Bath House Hospitality Collection offer a range of benefits that make them the ideal choice for hotels that want to provide their guests with the best possible experience. With their natural ingredients, recyclable bottles, vegan ingredients, and luxury fragrances, these products are sure to delight guests and leave them feeling pampered and refreshed. Hotels can reduce their environmental impact by choosing Bath House hotel toiletries. So, why not offer your guests a little luxury while also being kind to the planet?