We are all conscious of costs, but there are plenty of low-cost ways to increase customer experience, and your revenue, by maximising the potential of your outdoor spaces.

Woodberry, the outdoor furniture specialists have 5 top tips.

1.  Create a great first impression

Step back and view your venue with fresh eyes. What first impression does it give at the entrance and in the outdoor hospitality areas?

Putting together a check list of any broken, shabby or dirty features will help you to determine what needs to be done as a priority to quickly smarten and clean up the area.

Personalise the space for your venue and brand. Easy, low-cost additions to your outdoor area include vibrant plants, colourful parasols, and festoon lights.

2. Zone it

You can create different zones by using various surface types like patio, decking or grass.

If you host guests outdoors for food, drinks and events think about the different types of furniture you need and the layout of these. 

Bar areas are suited to poseur tables but also softer seating like outdoor sofas. Dining areas need a mixture of different size and styles of tables, chairs and benches.

3. Weatherproof 

British summer time – it’s either raining or too hot. Many venues are adding covered outdoor areas with gazebos, pergolas, canopies, and giant umbrellas. Think about what would fit in your space and suit your hospitality needs outdoors.

4. Create an atmosphere 

What kind of atmosphere do you want to create outdoors this summer? Simple additions of outdoor lighting and heat can help to create a welcoming atmosphere into the evenings. 

5. Make it a feature 

A well-planned outdoor space can be a big attraction to your venue for guests and non-residents. Increase your footfall and revenue by hosting events outdoors and market these on your website and social media platforms. Think about the layout of furniture, servery areas, bars and event staging space.

For more permanent and memorable features, add quirky Instagrammable elements to your outdoor areas. These elements will add to your customer experience.

A clean, smart, well planned outdoor area is a great asset for your venue. Think about the ways you can increase and enhance your outdoor hospitality, and provide your guests with a great, memorable experience this summer.

For more ideas, free site surveys, outdoor furniture and shelters talk to the Woodberry team.

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