The top luxury stays choosing Simba’s contract mattress technology.

In the competitive world of hospitality, exceptional guest experiences are paramount, with a key component of this experience being the quality of sleep offered to guests. Simba Sleep, a pioneer in sleep technology and dedicated to engineering the perfect night’s sleep, is redefining luxury sleep experiences as it expands into some of the UK’s most distinctive hotels and unique stays.

The new Contract Mattress Collection features three distinct models: the Simba Pro Contract, Simba Luxe Contract, and the Simba Green Label Contract. At the heart of the collection lies the exclusive, award-winning Hybrid® technology, ensuring guests enjoy unparalleled comfort, support, and temperature regulation. Key to this are Simba’s incredible upper comfort layers and supportive base layers.

The upper comfort layers feature Simba’s patented titanium alloy Aerocoil® springs for optimal airflow and pressure relief. They are designed to flex and compress individually, absorbing impact, creating a soothing sensation of being cradled. Localised support and weight distribution ensure that motion transfer is limited, allowing partners to sleep undisturbed by the other’s movements.

The base layers play a critical role in maintaining proper body alignment, offering personalised support and cushioning for the shoulders and lower back. For temperature regulation, the Simba Pro Contract and Simba Luxe Contract incorporate cooling graphite-infused Simbatex® foam. This innovative material draws excess heat away from the body, ensuring a comfortable sleeping temperature throughout the night.

As a certified B Corp™, the Green Label contract is Simba’s most sustainable option, which uses a natural latex layer infused with cooling graphite, Simba Renew Fibres, made with up to 75% recycled content, and a natural wool layer with temperature-regulating properties that offers comfort and deters dust mites. And, Simba’s advanced duvet tech and adjustable pillows complete every contract mattress, giving every guest the ultimate, cocooning sleep experience.

With outstanding comfort and quality, Simba contract mattresses have been selected by an expanding list of top destinations and retreats around the UK that offer exceptional surroundings, including; House of Gods in Glasgow, The Ellen Hotel in Kensington, Wilderness Reserve, an extensive collection of luxury accommodation set within 8000 acres in Suffolk, Deer Park Country House in Devon, The Lookout in Cornwall, and Room Home Stay in the City of London, and further afield, including Domaine Terra di Gaya in Corsica.

Simba Sleep has been at the forefront of sleep innovation since 2016, has over 300,000 five-star ratings worldwide, more than 60 industry awards, and has sold over 1,000,000 high performance sleep products worldwide. Simba’s reputation for excellence makes it a top choice for discerning hoteliers aiming to provide the ultimate guest experience.

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