Rebecca Calveley, Trade Marketing Manager for La Lorraine Bakery Group, which includes the Panesco brand, explores how sweet treats can drive hotel footfall and revenue at any time of the day.

Despite the current rise in the cost of living, people are still finding the time and money to treat themselves to indulgent experiences – with baked goods playing a big part in this trend. One thing we have found is that if your products are consistently good, they will sell at any time of the day.

The key is to focus on creating high-quality, delicious, sweet treats that are made with ingredients that are not only premium but also on-trend.

Early risers

Perfect for the early morning trade, whether that’s breakfast or coffee and a snack are Panesco’s brand new Oatmeal Porridge Breads – each packed with fibre and goodness. Available in fig and cranberry variants, these breads are made using only the highest quality ingredients and are perfect for offering customers a quick and healthy boost for the day. These products come pre-sliced and in serve formats.

The sweet plant-based Oatmeal Raisin Cookie made with a hint of cinnamon and a soft and gooey texture is ideal for targeting customers looking for a healthy boost for the day. These ready-to-bake delights are ideal for cross-selling alongside other growing categories such as tea and coffee. They are also vegan and vegetarian friendly, as well as delicious and extremely tempting.

Classics with a twist

Panesco’s diamond and square pastry delights blur the lines between viennoiserie and patisserie, offering the perfect twist on breakfast pastries. The manually crafted open shapes are made with 16 layers of butter-laminated yeast dough, hand-folded into unique diamond shapes and finished with a fruity touch.

Perfect as a breakfast option, these crispy open shapes are available in four delicious flavours – apple cinnamon, strawberry rhubarb, custard raspberry and orange chocolate. Ready to serve at any time of the day, straight from the freezer into the oven for three to four minutes to achieve a golden-brown coloured crown, the ultimate time and energy saver.

A taste of class

Panesco’s cakes are a sweet treat that can be served at any time of day and for any occasion. The Iced Carrot and Strawberry Red Velvet cake are pre-portioned for convenience and, together with the Lemon Ring and Belgian Apple Ring Cake, are ideal for cross-selling alongside other hot drinks. Panesco’s range of muffins, waffles, cakes and brownies is also perfect for enhancing your offering.