The Austrian hotel group Alpin Family and the German hotel tech provider SuitePad are strengthening their partnership following successful pilot projects in three hotels. By the end of the year, an additional ten properties in the group will be furnished with in-room tablets. These tablets offer guests an easy way to access hotel information and services digitally, enhancing the personalization of their stay. For instance, guests can now have the option to forgo room cleaning if they want to and on the days of their choice.

Alpin Family Installationen auf dem SuitePadThe leading in-room tablet solution was introduced last year in these three hotels – Nikolaus by AvenidA, Glemm by AvenidA, and 24 by AvenidA – to evaluate its effectiveness and added value for the guests. The outcome was highly convincing.

“Our goal was to establish contemporary and efficient communication with our guests. The positive response in terms of high usage rates and duration shows us that SuitePad was the right choice for us,” emphasizes Christoph Mazur, COO of the Alpin Family Hotel Group. “On top of that, within eight months, we were able to save nearly €8,000 through canceled room cleanings in our housekeeping.”

The decision to expand the rollout to ten more Alpin Family properties by the end of the year and to equip not only the luxurious brand ‘AvenidA’ but also the trendy ‘The House Collection’ reinforces the group’s strong commitment to a modern guest experience.

“We are proud to have a renowned partner like Alpin Family by our side to drive the digital transformation of the industry,” says Moritz von Petersdroff-Campen, Co-founder and CEO of SuitePad. “We are particularly pleased that the group is opting for our technical integrations to replace hotel phones and remote controls with SuitePad’s all-in-one solution.”

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