With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Siemlus offers a suite of services that span across various crucial aspects of the hospitality sector. In this exclusive editorial, Siemlus announce their latest partner integration that underscores why they should be your preferred hospitality technology supplier.

Siemlus is the leading technology consultancy for hospitality and has collaborated with leading global companies such as Onity and Hoteza, and the world’s most prominent hotel brands, including leading luxury independents such as Castlebridge Group, who regard them as a preferred supplier.

In an evolutionary step that is poised to transform the digital guest experience, Hoteza a Siemlus partner, and trailblazing leader in digital guest engagement and communication solutions, has forged a powerful alliance with another long-standing Siemlus partner Onity, a worldwide pioneer in hotel door locking solutions.

The Partnership
The strategic partnership heralds a new era of guest convenience and security, with the integration of Hoteza’s mobile key technology seamlessly into Onity’s hotel door locks. This collaboration not only represents a leap forward in technological innovation but also holds the promise of elevating the digital guest experience to new heights. All now supported by Siemlus as the official installer and support partner in UK.

Hoteza’s innovative Mobile Apps offer hotels the opportunity to engage with guests before, during, and after their stay. These apps can provide a range of functionalities, from mobile check-in and keyless room entry to real-time communication with the front desk.

Traditionally, key cards and room access have long been a focal point for hotels aiming to optimise guest convenience and security. With the advent of mobile key technology, guests are now granted the power to access their accommodations directly through their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical key cards and simplifying the check-in process.

“Siemlus are the dedicated UK hospitality partner and distributor. Onity partnered with Siemlus for their unrivalled support across UK hotels when it comes to servicing existing and new clients.” Said Simon Walden, UK Sales Director, Onity UK.


The integration brings forth a plethora of benefits for hoteliers and guests:

Contactless Convenience
Guests can now effortlessly unlock their room doors using their smartphones, minimising the hassle of managing and safeguarding physical key cards. This touch less solution aligns perfectly with the evolving hygiene-conscious preferences of modern travellers.

Effortless Check-In
Bid farewell to the traditional check-in process. Hoteza’s mobile keys, now compatible with Onity’s locks, enable guests to check-in remotely and bypass the front desk entirely. This time-saving feature means more time for relaxation or business activities.

Enhanced Security
The amalgamation of Hoteza and Onity’s expertise in technology ensures robust security measures. Mobile keys are encrypted and authenticated, offering a secure access method that reduces the risk of unauthorised entry.

Personalised Guest Experience
Beyond just access, mobile keys can be combined with Hoteza’s guest engagement solutions to provide personalised services. Guests can receive real-time information, special offers, and tailored recommendations right on their mobile devices.

Seamless Travel
With mobile keys at their disposal, guests can seamlessly move between different locations within a hotel property, accessing various areas such as their room, gym, pool, and more with ease.

Remote Control 
In an industry-first innovation, guests can even control room amenities using their smartphones, adjusting lighting, temperature, and more before even setting foot in their room.

The Future of Hospitality: Innovation in Every Key Tap
The collaboration not only raises the bar for guest convenience and security but also signals a shift toward a more seamless, connected, and immersive guest journey. This amalgamation presents a future where a single tap of a smartphone unlocks a world of unparalleled experiences. With the Hoteza App, user-friendly interface, and a wide selection of content, including movies, shows, and information about the hotel’s amenities, guests can enjoy a personalised and immersive stay.

Hoteza offers a diverse range of products that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the hospitality industry. From their flagship offerings like cutting-edge interactive TV solutions, which transforms the in-room entertainment experience for guests, to comprehensive high-speed internet that ensures seamless connectivity for both guests and hotel operations.

With the increasing reliance on technology, fast and reliable Wi-Fi has become a critical factor in guest satisfaction. Hoteza’s internet solution includes features such as user authentication, bandwidth management, and the ability to create customised login pages, allowing hotels to tailor the online experience to their brand.

In conclusion, the integration of Hoteza and Onity mobile key technology represents a forward leap in the hospitality sector. By combining cutting-edge digital solutions with Siemlus installation and support, this integration sets a new standard for convenience, security, and guest-centric innovation. Get in touch at Siemlus.com to find out more.