Capitalise on wellness with Core by Premier Software® and onejourney®

Wellness is currently booming and it’s crucial that your overnight venue capitalises on this, which is where technology can help. We talk to Oliver Cahill from Premier Software, part of Journey Hospitality, who shares how their management system can help you stay on top of bookings.

Please introduce us to the brand.

Premier Software, part of Journey Hospitality, has over 28 years’ experience developing and perfecting solutions for the spa, wellness and leisure industries. Core by Premier Software® is the award-winning culmination of this, managing businesses world-over. Alongside Journey Hospitality’s all-in-one booking system, onejourney®, hotel and spa operators can expertly manage all areas of their business to ensure it, clients and revenue, are all looked after.

How does Core by Premier Software® help maximise profits and manage day-to-day operations? 

Core helps day-to-day operations in numerous ways. First and foremost, Core manages the set-up of treatments and reservations for a hotel’s spa and leisure facilities. These options can be displayed on your website in real-time, utilising onejourney® to streamline the booking process and increase online revenue.

Once the booking is made, Core stores this alongside client contact details, health conditions and marketing preferences. Payment for class bookings, packages and memberships are then split into income centres for the hotel and facilities. These can be measured automatically in Core’s digital reports for treatment popularity and member retention, aiding future marketing campaigns. These daily processes save business operators time and effort.


Is the software tailored to suit businesses of all sizes? 

Core is designed to manage multi-site businesses and small boutique hotels alike. Multi-site hotels and spas may offer different membership, prices and packaging offerings per site, which Core can cater to. Similarly, smaller spas can utilise Core’s features to maximise their operations.

How can a hotelier be assured that they are choosing the best software to manage their spa and wellness facilities?

What membership options does the system have? Can it provide rewarding seasonal packages? Is there a loyalty scheme to retain people to your spa or wellness facilities? These are questions spa managers should be asking. It is vital the software can do this, in addition to setting facility opening hours and pricing to match the needs of clients.

What’s your favourite feature from the software and why? 

It would be remiss not to mention Core’s flexibility. Not only does Core provide all the above options, but its integration with partner applications expand its operations further. For example, connecting with onejourney® enables Core to provide upselling options for more luxurious packages, complementary items and food to bring in additional revenue.

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