SpaSeekers, the UK’s longest-standing spa booking agency, has launched the new Green Spa initiative for 2023, celebrating and promoting their spa partners who use sustainable practices and are working towards a greener future. Consumers can easily see which spas have been granted the ‘Green Spa’ award, with eco-friendly spas tagged with the distinctive green logo, and they can also filter their search on-site to only include ‘sustainable spas’. 

SpaSeekers spa partners can earn the logo by meeting the SpaSeekers Green Spa criteria. To be considered a Green Spa, each spa has to answer 10 set sustainable questions and achieve 60%+ positive response, in order to gain the ‘Green Spa’ seal of approval. 

SpaSeekers currently have over 400 spa partners, with 117 partners currently awarded the Green Spa logo. With many UK spas looking to improve upon their eco credentials, SpaSeekers are offering guidance and support to those looking to work towards earning the Green Spa Logo.

SpaSeekers’ Director, Jason Goldberg says:

“Since 1989, SpaSeekers has been the UK’s leading spa booking specialist, helping over one million people find and book their perfect spa experience. We know many of our spa partners are working hard towards becoming more sustainable and eco-conscious, as well as consumers actively choosing green holidays and breaks. We wanted to reward those who are already making sustainable choices for their spa, as well as help and encourage more spas to bring in greener experiences. With the logo and search option makes it easy to find and book sustainable spa experiences.” 

How to go GREEN: Advice from SpaSeeker’s Green Spas 

Kate Lake, Spa Manager at The Spa at Bedford Lodge; We are very mindful about the suppliers we use and consciously work with suppliers that have good sustainability practices. For example, the products we use are all natural, sustainable and ethically sourced. To be more sustainable, we educate our staff on ways they can assist with this, education and participation from the team is key to working towards being more sustainable! We also ensure the food and drink we serve in our Spa lounge is as local as possible to support local businesses and reduce our food miles.” 

Donna Bloomfield, Spa Manager at Elan Spa at Bovey Castle: “A simple but effective change is sourcing recyclable slippers and bags for our spa days. We also choose to use Temple Spa for all our treatments, as they are made in the UK and have a strong sustainable policy.” 

Daniel Beech, Spa Manager, Garden Secret Spa at Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa; “We believe use of the swimming pool plant room is critical to utilising less energy and becoming more sustainable, we utilise a UV light system which helps us clean and purify our swimming pool water, allowing us to use minimal disinfectants in the pool water. We have also recently transformed all of our thermal cabins, vitality pool and poolside lighting to LED. We have also chosen spa treatments which are natural and eco-friendly, packaged using compostable materials, while our spa brochures are printed using recycled paper and ink made from vegetable dye. Within the Grounds at Ringwood Hall, our gardens are conserved to produce fresh ingredients and herbs which are used daily in our restaurants and Spa Glass House Brasserie.”