This March our Spa Venue of the Month is Adare Manor. In an insightful interview with Spa Manager, Yvonne O’Connor, we reveal how the hotel’s spa offering stands out in what is a competitive space.

Introduce the spa and when it opened.

The Spa at Adare Manor opened in November 2017.

Located within the peaceful sanctuary of The Spa is a heated indoor relaxation pool surrounded by comfortable loungers, an infrared sauna and shower area. Natural light streams through the vaulted skylight and the floor-to-ceiling windows, with beautiful views over the River Maigue and golf course. The sound of water pouring over the weir just outside the windows creates the perfect ambiance for a relaxing swim prior to the spa experience. Our boutique Spa hosts five beautiful treatment rooms, a private manicure and pedicure room, and an intimate relaxation room for continued post treatment comfort.

What USP‘s help the spa stand-out in what is a competitive market?

Our spa brand, 111SKIN is exclusive to Adare Manor as is the spa itself. Being a resident-only spa we are proud to be the first in Ireland to offer customised facial and body treatments featuring 111SKIN. The medically inspired brand shows instant results. Our expert therapists include extraordinary hands-on treatments and are passionate about delivering the best treatment possible.

It is important to us that our treatments are tailor-made for all. This includes those with compromised health or those going through cancer treatments. Our therapists are highly trained in Cancer Care touch therapy which gives us an excellent opportunity to create a wellness respite for all our guests.


How do you keep up with the changing landscape of wellness within your spa?

Our spa follows the wellness trend closely and have adapted to create a wellness journey for our guests. We recently transformed our dry sauna to an infrared sauna. The infrared sauna can help boost skin health, improve circulation, and relieve pain. As the sauna heats the muscles rather than the air, our guests can enjoy spending longer in the sauna to receive the best results.

We offer a specific wellness treatment called ‘Codladh Samh’ the Gaelic translation to Sleep Sound. This experience is a deeply sedating massage, using lavender oils and carefully applied pressures with Swedish techniques. We use warm paraffin wax on the palms as well as cooling ceramic Ogham stones. Our locally made Ogham stones represent Harmony, Balance, Rebirth and Renewal. The therapists place these on the head and heart Shakras to represent the symbolic meaning behind the stones designed to induce a calming state of relaxation. We are very lucky our beautiful grounds offer the perfect setting to complete the spa journey with a wellness walk around the gardens and along the river.

Tell us about your spa partners, why you chose them and the effects they’ve had.

111SKIN is a doctor-driven brand founded by world-renowned plastic Surgeon Dr. Yannis Alexandrides and CEO Eva Alexandridis. This brand bridges the gap between plastic surgery and skincare.

Adare Manor collaborated with 111SKIN as both brands strive to deliver the best experience to our guests. We introduced the brand in June 2020 and have not looked back. 111SKIN provide excellent up to date on site training and work with our team to create and develop new treatments. The support we receive from the company is phenomenal. Our team are very passionate about the brand as we can see the results it provides instantly.

Based on your experience, what’s a valuable piece of advice you want to offer to other spa venues in order for them to thrive?

Ongoing Training and Development

Educating and upskilling the team with new trends and treatments keeps a spa team highly motivated. It fosters a positive working environment for all by setting development goals. Moreover, putting everyone through the same in-house training helps to build camaraderie among your staff and create a much more supportive environment.

Innovation and Recognition

Recognising ideas and feedback from the team creates effective communication amongst all. Creative problem solving is a fantastic way to promote the value of positive relationships, both inside and outside of work.

Praising your team members

By valuing your teams’ effort and hard work shows you appreciate them. A “thank you’’ or “well done’’ can go a long way and drives an employee to be passionate in their work. Team get-togethers outside of the spa are important. Therapists learn to support and fallback on one another when needed. The trust you build also reduces micromanagement and lets team members engage in open conversations, resulting in longevity staff retention and appreciation.