Sojern, the leading travel marketing platform, and Profitroom, a globally renowned award-winning booking and technology platform, today announced a new collaboration.

 Sojern, the leading travel marketing platform, and Profitroom, a globally renowned award-winning booking and technology platform, today announced a new collaboration. In today’s era, where hotels closely monitor their budgets, the collaboration aims to equip hotels worldwide with a powerful combination of advanced booking technology and data-driven marketing solutions. This will enable hoteliers to effortlessly reach travellers searching for a place to stay and drive direct bookings on their website, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

“With travellers increasingly relying on multiple digital channels to discover, plan and book their trips, the hospitality industry is undergoing a profound shift,” said Josh Beckwith, Managing Director, Global Strategic Accounts and Partnerships, Sojern. “This collaboration between Sojern and Profitroom is perfectly timed to address the evolving needs of hoteliers of all sizes, helping them navigate the complex landscape of digital marketing and guest acquisition, and ultimately drive measurable results while boosting profitability. In an exciting year for Sojern, we are thrilled to partner with Profitroom to empower hotels with the tools and insights they need to succeed in today’s competitive market.”

As a leading provider of hospitality technology solutions, Profitroom boasts one of the highest-converting booking engines on the market, complemented by powerful marketing automation tools, an advanced channel manager, and a website builder. By integrating these offerings with Sojern’s digital marketing capabilities, hoteliers can optimise their online presence, attract high-value guests, and streamline operations. Furthermore, Sojern recently introduced its suite of Guest Experience Solutions through the acquisition of VenueLytics. Sojern’s enhanced Travel Marketing Platform now enables hotels to engage with guests throughout their entire journey.

“We are excited to join forces with Sojern and help hoteliers accelerate growth while increasing direct online revenue,” said Samantha Williams, Commercial Director, Profitroom. “By leveraging each other’s strengths, we will equip hotels with a winning combination of innovative technology and data-driven marketing solutions. This partnership will enable hotels to stand out in a crowded marketplace, increase direct bookings, and boost revenue. Profitroom has already made significant progress in the Polish, South African, LATAM, UK and Nordic markets with among 3,500 hotels and resorts worldwide. This new partnership with Sojern will further enhance our global reach amongst hoteliers.”

Sojern recently announced the latest version of its Sojern Travel Marketing Platform, featuring enhanced AI-powered audiences, showcasing the company’s commitment to leveraging its deep technological expertise on a global scale. By continuously advancing its platform and investing in partnerships like the one with Profitroom, Sojern demonstrates dedication to innovation and delivering exceptional results to its 10,000 customers annually around the world. Profitroom, at the forefront of hotel technology solutions, assists hotels in adapting to evolving technology landscapes by introducing innovative ways to engage with customers while saving them time. Notably, Profitroom recently introduced an AI-based automatic copywriter, simplifying the process of creating compelling email campaigns. This cutting-edge technology enables hotels to generate tailored messages for guests with just a few clicks.

Sojern is set to join Profitroom at their On Tour event in Johannesburg on Tuesday, August 22, 2023. The series of events, which will be hosted in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Hoedspruit and Nelspruit, aims to equip hoteliers with the best hospitality booking technology, offering discussions on the latest trends and highlighting strategies to increase revenue. Providing hoteliers with a networking platform and opportunities to develop industry relationships, the event also offers tools to keep them updated with the latest insights and trends, positioning them at the forefront of the industry. Sojern is among an esteemed group of partners joining Profitroom throughout the tour.

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About Sojern

Sojern is a leading digital marketing platform built for travel marketers. Powered by artificial intelligence and traveller intent data, Sojern provides multichannel marketing solutions to drive direct demand. More than 10,000 hotels, attractions, tourism boards, and travel marketers rely on Sojern annually to engage and convert travellers around the world.

About Profitroom

Profitroom powers more than 3,500 outstanding leisure hotels and resorts across the world.

The award-winning Profitroom Suite exposes hotels’ full business potential with the complete set of e-commerce tools and industry-leading experience personalisation. Profitroom reservation platform supports all channels and yields direct bookings performance. It’s built on the guest-centric foundations to strengthen guest loyalty and retention.