Mattressman shares their expertise on providing a comfortable sleep for all. Elevate your guest’s experience and allow them to check out energised after a comfortable stay.

Please introduce us to Mattressman and what the brand strives to achieve.
The superhero of sleep and Britain’s mattress specialist, Mattressman strives to bring a sublime sleep to everyone across the nation. It’s paramount to us that we provide mattresses for your guests that provide them with support and comfort.

Please share some details on the range of products you offer.
The British Bed Company is an exclusive brand to Mattressman, providing exceptional mattresses perfect for commercial use, all at outstanding prices. They vary in size, support tension, spring type and filling options, so you can be sure to select the mattress that suits your business best.

Mattressman specialises in offering the right product for everyone, what should an overnight venue consider when choosing their mattresses?
Everyone sleeps differently, whether on their stomach, back, side or a mixture. Each preferred way of sleeping requires a different mattress support tension, which can be challenging to accommodate for your guests. Our solution to this predicament is to opt for medium firm support, a versatile tension that is neither too soft nor firm to support everyone, no matter their sleeping position.

How can Mattressman provide functional products for overnight stay venues by catering to varying tenancies?
One of our most versatile and practical products is our divan bases paired with a zip and link mattress. They are the ultimate solution for varying tenancies, allowing you to shift between a king size bed into two single beds. All you have to do is unzip the mattress down the centre and unclip it on the divan base to create two sleeping solutions at ease. Perfect for smaller venues with limited rooms, this product gives you the scope to alter the number of beds you offer from guest to guest.

– Public awareness surrounding sustainability is at an all-time high, how does Mattressman work to support this concern?
At Mattressman, we’re conscious of sustainability across our operations and product ranges. We’ve been operating on a zero-landfill policy for over seven years and have recently partnered with Ecologi, who plant a tree for every product we sell. Not only does this compensate for our carbon footprint, but it also contributes to reforestation across the globe. We’re proud that a majority of our stocked brands place sustainability at the forefront of their operations.

How can our readers work with Mattressman?
If you’re interested in upgrading your establishment’s mattresses, you’ll be pleased to learn that we have a dedicated trade team to cater to your needs. Providing you with unparalleled sleep expertise, tailored quotes and bulk discounts; you can reach our trade team on 0800 5677 625, email us at or alternatively you can see our whole range at