Hotel Management System opens up payment options for hoteliers

SIHOT, one of the leading hotel management systems, has launched SIHOT.PAYENGINE, a payment aggregator, to simplify payment processing for hotels and hospitality companies.

SIHOT.PAYENGINE can manage multiple Payment Services Providers (PSPs) offering accommodation providers choice rather than being restricted to a single provider.  By offering hoteliers a centrally managed payment system seamlessly connected to all SIHOT products and Services through which all data runs, businesses can achieve greater operational efficiencies, cost savings and improved security for finance and account departments.

With SIHOT.PAYENGINE, hotels can facilitate the omnichannel payment experience to their customers across physical terminals or through ecommerce and payment apps, with the option to choose from a wide range of PSPs that match their preferences and cater to guests needs.

Said Carsten Wernet, Chief Executive, SIHOT: “We created SIHOT.PAYENGINE to enable hoteliers to choose which PSPs they want to work with for their business model. We are one of few PMS on the market to be agnostic to payment providers. By providing this level of connectivity, now PSPs are reaching out to integrate with our payment engine to provide our mutual customers with an elevated level of service and experience that improves business operations. There is an increasing need for hotels to work with a wide range of PSPs today, taking into account a multitude of digital payment channels and regional payment platforms. With our Cloud Native API, PSPs can quickly connect to our payment aggregator to integrate into our complete product suite.”

For hotels, the integration of PSPs in the PMS in this way means they can facilitate quicker checkout and billing processes using digital invoices and receipts, and ensure that customer payment data remains secure. SIHOT.PAYENGINE uses tokenistation to disguise credit card details on file while enabling repeat payments or a wider range of payment methods. Hotels can also ensure payments are pre-authorised, and that customer data in the loyalty programme is fully PCI-compliant and GDPR protected.

“We know people spend more if payments are easy. Our payment aggregator means hotels can plug in a wide range of payment options that offer guests choice and a consistent hospitality experience,” added Wernet.

To find out more about SIHOT.PAYENGINE for your hotel, contact SIHOT or visit