Shine Catering Systems has updated its DW/172-compliant ventilation service, with enhanced system design and fabrication to provide additional benefits for contractors, facilities managers and chefs.

The introduction of a more modular system allows greater flexibility in design, which means Shine can get more filters within the filter banks to support compliance with DW/172, which sets the benchmark for safe and effective ventilation in commercial kitchens.

The new feature-rich design capabilities also allow for the inclusion of cooling spots, induction cooling and entrainment jets where necessary in ventilation canopies, as well as emergency lighting and access hatches for maintenance, which had not been possible with the previous fixed, non-modular designs.

Shine’s systems continue to be fabricated from Grade 304 stainless steel in compliance with DW/172, as opposed to Grade 430 stainless steel which doesn’t meet requirements of the standard. They also use the highest quality of fabricated grease separators, with or without spark arrest as required, to provide a sufficient fire barrier.

Julian Shine, managing director at Shine Catering Systems, said: “We’ve listened to feedback from the market and we’re designing enhanced ventilation systems that take into account the comfort of the chef, the maintenance of the system, energy use and consumables consumption, whilst still complying with planning and kitchen legislation.

“We continue to offer canopy only or full mechanical installation, with canopies fabricated in our state-of-the-art facility here in South Wales. But, by updating the design standards, our ventilation systems now offer a host of additional features and benefits, manufactured bespoke to suit any kitchen layout or building restrictions.”