In an exclusive interview with Alex Burnett, Spa Director at Laceby Manor, we learn about the importance of finding a brand that aligns with your ethos and how their partnership with VOYA has elevated the overall spa experience they offer to guests.

What made VOYA stand out to you amongst other brands on the market?

In developing the concept for the Spa at Laceby Manor, we were highly conscious of the industry’s environmental reputation, and chose to work only with businesses who support and share our values. In designing a retreat for sustainable wellness, our ecological impact was a major focus throughout the design and construction phases, from supporting the local landscape and preserving natural wildlife habitats, to harvesting rainwater, utilising boreholes for natural water supply and installing an 80% efficient heat recovery and air management system.

VOYA stood out as a highly ethical and sustainable brand, leading the way with their treatments and retail products. We were confident that they would meet our drive to continually strive to create the best guest experience possible without compromising on our commitment to nature.

How does VOYA’s ethos align with yours and what benefits does this present to your spa?

VOYA’s ethos of a Better Way and placing wellbeing at the heart of everything they do is completely in alignment with the Spa at Laceby Manor. This means that everything they deliver, from retail products and packaging to spa treatments, is a perfect fit for our ethos and our guests’ expectations.

How did the VOYA team help develop your knowledge and training?

As a brand new spa, which has only been open for a year, VOYA has been an excellent partner in helping to develop our in-spa training and practices. They have been readily available, supportive and insightful throughout. They have listened to our needs, appreciated our individual positioning and worked with us to ensure that everything VOYA at the Spa at Laceby Manor has been delivered as part of a truly connected partnership.

Have you received positive feedback since becoming a VOYA spa?

We have been a VOYA spa since launch but the feedback that we have received from guests, media and industry insiders has been overwhelmingly positive. We have increased our VOYA treatments and retail over the course of our first year to meet growing demand. The Spa at Laceby Manor limited edition spa days have been particularly successful and VOYA have been excellent in working with us to deliver fresh, seasonal offerings to keep these relevant and in-demand.