Paving the way for an eco-friendly future, VOYA’s sustainable ethos is at the heart of the brand and in line with the industry need for hotels and spas to seek ways to better care for our planet and staff. In this piece we delve into the benefits a partnership can offer to a hotel and showcase a case study based on VOYA’s partnership with The Ritz-Carlton, Naples – USA.

VOYA products are certified by Soil Association and COSMOS, meaning that when a customer buys a VOYA product or experiences a VOYA treatment, they can be sure they are verified organic.

Our ingredients are ethically sourced, and we are working towards having completely sustainable packaging and formulation processes. As part of our commitment to the environment, VOYA seaweed is sustainably hand-harvested off the unpolluted west coast of Ireland in a way that ensures that there is no long-term damage to the reefs. This process also guarantees that we only select the best quality seaweed for our products.

We are also an official partner of Seal Rescue Ireland and have pledged to adopt one seal for every month of the year. Through our partnership with Plastic Bank, for every VOYA product sold, 3 bottles are prevented from entering the ocean.

We continuously review our strategy to remain innovative and improve our ways of working, our quality and sustainability, while building successful partnerships.

How can stocking VOYA’s products benefit a hotel?
VOYA supports a hotel’s appeal to clients and customers who have a focus on wellness and sustainability, with a full 360 offering from retail, treatment, and amenities to create opportunities to drive from hotel to spa. 

VOYA’s organic products appeal to a wide demographic of customers looking for quality products with sustainable processes, that puts the hotel and spa in a prominent position for customer acquisition and retention. 

Case Study: The Ritz-Carlton, Naples

The Ritz-Carlton, Naples have worked with VOYA for many years – since 2012. The partnership began after having met VOYA Founders Mark and Kira Walton many years ago at a Green Spa Conference; since then VOYA has been a huge part of the sustainability initiatives in The Ritz-Carlton Spa.

What do you love about VOYA?
We love the brand’s authenticity, sustainability practices and their protocols and products. We use VOYA in our Drift To Sleep services as well as the Organic Seaweed Wraps and Warmed Mud Wrap. 

At The Ritz-Carlton, Naples we also use VOYA in our spa facilities and locker room showers for shampoo, body wash and conditioner.

The Ritz-Carlton, Naples Spa has perfected the ideal blend of luxury, relaxation, and sustainability through numerous practices including recyclable packaging, sustainable practices, and partnering with certified organic products such as VOYA. 

Situated on the beautiful white sand beaches of Florida’s Paradise Coast, The Ritz-Carlton, Naples Spa is passionate about protecting the delicate ecosystem surrounding our resort.  We are mindful that spa packaging and materials are recyclable and safe for our guests and the environment.

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