RoomRaccoon, a leading hotel management system for independent hotels, is expanding its hotel guest management software offering through new partnerships with leading industry innovators: Orana Stay, GuestTouch, and Woby. 

The partnerships will empower RoomRaccoon users with a comprehensive suite of guest-centric features, including personalised communication, digital concierge services, automated upselling and advanced guest feedback management to elevate the guest experience and drive revenue at every point of the guest journey. 

“Guest expectations are always evolving, particularly in terms of technology,” says Stevie Reffin, Head of Partnership at RoomRaccoon. “Guest experience tools are hugely beneficial for maximising guest satisfaction, particularly when they are integrated with a Property Management System (PMS). We are thrilled to offer these expert resources through the RoomRaccoon Marketplace to bring even more value to our hoteliers.”

Orana Stay redefines hospitality by offering hoteliers an integrated messaging system with AI-driven translations in over 100 languages, digital guest guides with auto-recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and events, and the opportunity to promote property amenities and services throughout the guest journey. 

Guest Touch is a popular guest messaging and reputation platform that allows hotels to connect with guests at every stage of the journey through their preferred communication channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Google Chat, and more to boost revenue and enhance the guest experience.

Woby is a popular web application in the Netherlands that allows guests to place orders and pay for them online by connecting hotels’ POS and PMS systems. With Woby, guests can easily request housekeeping services, access concierge services and guides, order food and beverages and more, all from one app.

These partnerships underscore RoomRaccoon’s commitment to providing its users with comprehensive solutions that drive success in today’s competitive hospitality landscape.

RoomRaccoon users can easily activate these integrations through the system’s Integration Marketplace.

About RoomRaccoon

RoomRaccoon is an award-winning Hotel Management System trusted by thousands of independent properties across the globe. RoomRaccoon’s cloud-based platform empowers hoteliers with a category-redefining, comprehensive range of products and solutions to increase revenue, streamline operations, and enhance the guest experience. And with over 400 integrations, RoomRaccoon is one of the most connected solutions on the market. Founded in 2017 by a hotel owner and tech entrepreneur, RoomRaccoon was awarded the Best Hotel Management System in the World by Hotel Tech Report in 2020 and 2021. 


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